What's Happening at Tripp Lake Camp: July 1, 2015

By July 1, 2015 TLC Times

Greetings! The TLC Times would like to formally welcome you to our blog! We wholeheartedly believe everyday is a special day here at Tripp Lake Camp, and are looking forward to sharing all the excitement and fun happening this summer. So whether you are a TLC alumni, parent, or curious visitor, we hope you enjoy reading these updates as much as we enjoy writing them.
It’s official, everyone: Tripp Lake Camp is in full swing!
Wednesday is in the books, and although we were met with rainy weather for the majority of the day, the fun and love of Tripp Lake could not be dampened. With Captain Elections and Big Team Announcements taking place earlier this week,  campers are brimming with anticipation to cheer and support their fellow friends and teammates.
As you may know, Big Teams are such a beloved, time-honored tradition at Tripp Lake Camp. The girls absolutely love showing off their team spirits by sporting their team colors–can someone say team bracelets?!–and cheering wherever and whenever they can.
cubbie team cheers
“Hoo-Rah Hoo-Rah Hoo-Rah, Cubs!”
“Rah-Rah, Climbers!”
“Bum-Biddy-Bum-Bum, Tigers!”
“Sis-Boom-Bah, Giants Rah!”
All of TLC was treated to the multiple talents of our wonderful campers this past Wednesday night. OG-NOG, which stands for Old Girls-New Old Girls, is our annual talent show hosted by the lovely Inter Is. From dancing (JAZZ HANDS!!) to singing to hilarious skits, all age groups shined bright in our historic Over The Wall theater. The reviews are in, and as we like to say here at Tripp, “We laughed, we cried, it was better than ‘Cats’!”
OG-NOG 2015
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