August 11, 2021 – TLC Times

By August 12, 2021 TLC Times

This morning brought a very special (and hilarious!) morning assembly – it was Senior takeover day! Our 1AB ladies each selected a staff member to represent – they borrowed clothes, accessories, and just about anything to dress the part. They made sure to have all they needed to truly portray their selected person, and lead assembly as them. It was so much fun, and the rest of camp had such a blast watching it all unfold! Later on in the day, we had our Banquet Dinner – an annual thanksgiving style dinner, and this year was luau-themed! Campers decorated the dining hall, and created such a beautiful oasis!

It’s hard to believe that we’re in our final days of camp. Last evening we had our staff party, where we celebrated the incredible dedication, support, and spirit they brought to Tripp Lake Camp this summer. Staff gave speeches about their experience in the Promised Land and took a walk down memory lane with a video of their journey since arriving for pre-camp training. Staff talked about the magic they feel at Tripp Lake and reflected on the memories they’ve made over the summer with campers and staff.

This evening brought a very similar evening, but for our campers at Memory NIght. Campers started the night by cheering (possibly the loudest I’ve heard them all summer!), and then some of our staff lined the stage to do a quick skit. From there, the TLC Video Art Shop staff showcased a video they created full of so many amazing moments of the summer! Girls laughed and smiled as they watched footage going back to arrival day – a day that feels like it was yesterday.

After a beautiful evening at Memory Night, campers ended the day by going to campus for Senior Serenade, an evening where our Seniors select a song to sing to each bunk by walking around campus. Campers get in their pajamas and then sit on the steps of their bunk, waiting patiently for the Seniors to stop and sing. They did such a wonderful job making their way around the bunk circle and then closed the evening by singing ‘Remember.’ It’s truly one of the most beautiful nights at camp!

Tomorrow will be a day of final travel preparation and duffle packing, all while soaking up the last full day of camp. We will have the very exciting Shield Night in the evening, which our campers have been looking forward to for weeks. We can’t wait to share with you more about our final day tomorrow!

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