July 12, 2020 – TLC Times

By July 12, 2020 TLC Times

If you had told me in early March that the word ‘Zoom’ would begin to dictate my everyday profession, I probably would have laughed. Those who know it, know that it’s not just a software. It’s now a lifestyle. Quickly we all began to make the shift, which for me included not just in my work as a classroom teacher, but in my administrative position at Tripp Lake as well. Have YOU ever tried to teach Leslie about breakout rooms? She’ll be the first to say it’s been a wild virtual ride!

JR Zoom

I say this all in light jest, because it is truly remarkable how these apps and computer programs have allowed us to connect across the state, the country, and even the globe. We’ve felt so incredibly lucky to watch as we’ve invited our Tripp Lake family (campers and staff) to join on Zoom calls. It provided connection during the long winter months when we brought our current campers together to sing some OTW songs. It reminded us of the incredibly strong alumni network that were so thrilled to be together virtually… that many stayed on afterwards chatting  just because they didn’t want the Zoom to end! We also had the incredible delight in hosting our first ‘Virtual Camp’ Zoom meeting with our youngest campers, the Juniors. Together with members of Admin and key staff, we played BINGO and scavenger hunt games, listened to returning campers talk about the Promised Land with our newest girls, and even had a couple of raffle surprises in store by the end! It left every seven-year-old with a huge smile on their face.

For those of you who are Camper Alum, we invite you to click on the YouTube link here, which has a recording of the ‘Virtual Singing of the Traditional Songs.” Make sure to check it out if you were unable to attend, or you’re just feeling summer nostalgia! We also recommend registering to our Camp Minder and Alumni360 websites, which seek to connect all of our Tripp Lake ladies, past and present. From there, you will always receive emails, notifications, and updates regarding our favorite oasis in Maine. For example, we have a ‘breakout rooms’ alumni Zoom in the planning works… so you’ll want to stay tuned for that! Leslie’s an expert now 🙂

Below is a list of the Alum who registered for our Zoom call. Thank you so much for sharing your time and your love of Tripp Lake with us. For those who were unable to make it, we hope you will join us next time! You all belong to Tripp Lake, and Tripp Lake truly belongs to all of you.

Lisa Allen, Ashley Almon, Sophia Arbess, Dorothy Armstrong, Barbie Baer, Linda Greenfield Baldwin, Lynn Bernstein, Ali Bloomgarden, Lauren Hurwitz Braunstein, Anabelle Brecker, Rebecca Broad, Liz Brooks, Linda Brown, Karin Brownstein, Julie Cannold, Amy Caplan, Courtney Caplan, Amy & Lauren Carton, Michelle Gort Cavell, Isabel Solmonson Cohen, Emily Conn, Harriet Frieder Conn, Julia Conn, Laura Conn, Sarah Deitelzweig, Zoe Dinerstein, Courtney Drucker, Wendy Drucker, Babs Miller Eaker, Shelby Einbinder, Stefanie Einbinder, Nina Wexell Eisenberg, Sara Epstein, Sarah Epstein, Andrea Feldman Falcione, Allie Farber, Georgia Feldman, Karen Feldman, Muffy Feldman, Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mica Fidler, Betsy Fields, Jill Grayson Finkelstein, Wendy Forman, Rebecca Frary, Lauren Gagarin, Maddie Galbraith, Amanda Geller, Wendi Gilbert, Katie Gold, Katie Axelrod Goldberg, Emily Goldman, Jill Goldstein, Katie Golub, Toni Krissel Goodale, Lesley Messer Goren, Eileen Gould, Jo Ann Grayson, Julie Grayson, Polly Hahn, Amanda Hallock, Nancy Hammerman, Jill Harrid, Wendy Hearsh, Kit Greenberg Herrera, Tara Pokotilow Heyderman, Cathy Hirsch, Nancy Hirsch, Elizabeth Hirschtritt, Lauren Hodes, Amy Holdsman, Allie Hopfan, Lauren Hopfan, Jessica Horowitz, Lauren Hurwitz, Ali Hyman, Jamie Isacoff, Kayla Jaffe, Jessica Pantzer James, Lauren Jupiter, Elizabeth Kahn, Brooke Kanter, Caroline Kaplan, Linda Kaplan, Mary Jo Kaplan, Robin Kaplan, Ruthie Kasnett, Carolyn Kaufman, Gussie Kean, Huddie Kean, Lizzy Kitces, Farrah Greenberg Kleiner, Karen Konigsberg, Lindsey Kozberg, Skylar Kronrad, Allison Krouner, Sari Fromson Laberis, Sylvie Lane, Susan Harris Laun, Amanda Lebow, Sari Lehrer, Molly Lennox, Carolyn Lese, Jaime Lev, Sandi Levi, Fran Levy, Julia Levy, Tracey Levy, Lisa Licht, Skylar Licht, Gail Sue Lichtenstein, Gigi Liman, Amy Livingston, Laurie Livingston, Alexa Lustig, Jenna Madison, Joanne Feld Madorno, Susan Baron-Mald, Bari Maniff, Jamie Rosen Manning, Jessica Rafferty Marx, Pam Matthews, Amy McCaffery, Amanda Meltzer, Cathy Messing, Nancy Messing, Robin Messing, Emily Metzendorf, Ali Metzl, Amanda Miller, Heather Miller, Wendy Miller, Amanda Golden Mintzer, Amy Montia, Leslie Myers, Lindsey Myers, Susan Hammerman Mocatta, Wynne Moffet, Liz Nachtome, Annie Nelson, Lisa Borin Ogden, Jennifer Okun, Roslyn Scheiber Palusci, Suzanne Peck, Fanny Schwartz Pertnoy, Nicole Piercy, Susan Rahm, Sarah Richman, Sarah Robinson, Laura Rokoff, Lily Rosen, Rachel Rosen, Deborah Rothman, Maddy Rubler, Judy Sachs, Carol Sacks, Olivia Sahlman, Amanda Saltzman, Ally Samuels, Jenni Samuels, Pamela Sanders, Amy Sandler, Emily Sands, Melissa Saul, Jessica Savitsky, Laurie Schaffran, Samantha Schiff, Pam Schulman, Mallory Stuchin Schultz, Erica Schwartz, Fanny Schwartz, Lauryn Schwartz, Nora Magaziner Pincus Schwarz, Holly Shuter, Margo Siegel, Cecilia Silver, Amy Silverman, Haley Sontag, Joanne Steinhardt, Barbara Stern, Jennifer Stone, Wendy Stotter, Kimberly Summerfield, Georgia Sussman, Alexis Tande, Lily Grant Tanger, Olivia Tanzman, Miranda Tecklin, Tami Tevel, Nancy Turret, Drew Tye Ruby-Howe, Molly Walsh, Megan Watson, Anne Berman Watt, Allie and Emmy Weiner, Jill Weingarten, Eve Wildrick, Rachel Wilf, Jess Yaffa, Debbie Zeligson, Dana Zucker