July 24, 2019 – TLC Times

By July 24, 2019 TLC Times

I’ll keep this short and sweet… and no, I’m not just referring to the leftover Visiting Weekend treats! We’ve been thrilled to hear your positive feedback from your time at Tripp Lake Camp. It was our pleasure to welcome you to your child’s home for the summer, to watch you experience camp through their eyes, and to gaze down at our view in those deceivingly comfortable Adirondack chairs.

We are pushing full steam ahead into exciting events, trips, and activities both in and out of camp. Our youngest campers stepped on the golf cart safari ride headed towards Junior ‘JRassic Park’ Special Day, complete with dinosaur freeze dance, creative egg decorating, and handmade volcanoes on the sand of our beach. Our ten-year-old girls participated in their Little Team Tennis Tournament early this morning, with vibrantly colored overalls and tennis skirts to accompany their rackets. The Inter IIs are getting their life jackets and canoe oars ready for a white water rafting extravaganza. Meanwhile, our oldest campers return from the likes of Camden, Bar Harbor, and of course, the much anticipated Quebec, Canada trip for our 1ABers.

Throughout the summer, the administration might announce in the dining hall that we need to have a ‘Counselor Remain.’ This is a quick opportunity for the entire staff to stay in the dining hall after a meal to review the week, to keep counselors updated on their roles in certain special events, and to simply check in. Naturally, these meetings intrigue the girls. This must be when we break out into spontaneous dance parties and eat the remaining cookies from cookie line… right? Well, yesterday, we held a ‘Camper Remain,’ and you can only imagine the surprised looks from the girls. As they all sat in the dining hall after breakfast, we took the time to do the same exact practice. We checked in with your girls.

Standing beside the three Head Counselors, I reminded our campers that we have been at a constant go-go-go pace. With exhilaration also comes exhaustion. Pair that with the heat, and that is why we all need that extra reminder to be kind to our bunk mates and friends, to be kind and listen to our bodies, and to be kind to ourselves. With these values as our guidepost, we will finish up our final weeks at camp on the most positive and fun note possible! If me hopping around the dining hall placing a microphone in the girls’ hands to share their kindness goals of the day wasn’t enough… check out the notes that our girls penned to the counselors whom they care about!