What's Happening at Tripp Lake Camp: August 13, 2015

By August 13, 2015 TLC Times

08_10_2015_SR_CakeCutting_12As camp comes to a close, we look back over the days we have spent together during Tripp Lake Camp’s 105th summer. The days passed quickly and events sped by at the speed of light.
Arrival Day. Meet the Counselors. Return of the Shield. Tips and Dumps. Seven Friday Evening Services. Ropes. Required Canoe. OG-NOG. Six Trip Days. Five Pajama Breakfast. Swim Trials. OC-NOC. 4th of July Ceremony. Four Brother-Sister Days. Rafting Trips. Intercamp Tennis. Seven Pizza Cookouts. Mike Turtle Soccer Clinic. Age Group Nights Out. Dance Parties. Six Interteam Tennis Tournaments. Three Swim Meets. Two Point Trips. Fitness with Beth. Senior Serving. Two Snake Dances. JR/SR Bingo. AJ/Inter I Kickball. Forty-eight Olympia Trips. Twenty-seven Kitchen Permissions. Seven Bunk Bondings. Three Camp Sunshine Trips. Seven Age Group Plays. Special Day. Big Team Archery. Little Team Archery. Spelling Bee. Intensive Tennis. Tired yet? We’re only halfway through the list. Intercamp Tennis. Seven Campfires. Takajo Carnival Brother/Sister Event. Super Duper Clean Up. Parent’s Visiting Days. Sibling Extended Stay. Seven BBQ Cookouts. Long Trips. Junior Special Trip in Camp. Little Team Swim Meet. Jocko’s Jamboree. Fourteen Letter Days. Soccer, Field Hockey, and Tennis Mini Camps. Rookie Weekend. Fireworks. Senior Party. Canoe Meet. Wish Night. Fun Trip Day. Good Shepherd Food Bank Trips. Sail Races. Swim Across the Lake. Little Team All Star Soccer. Sing Song. Dance Show. All Star Softball. Wacked Up Relay. Gym Show. Team Feast. Health Checks. 105th Anniversary Picture. Cake Cutting. Bunk Plaques. Brigadoon. Pajama Dinner. Art Show. Film Festival. Pancake Breakfast. Senior Takeover Day. Memory Night. Senior Serenade. Packing Day. Four White Caps. Shield Night. And these are only the big events. We also had 200 activity periods including swim, canoe, kayak, sail, ski, tennis, volleyball, riding, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, theatre, field hockey, softball, ropes, rocks, pottery, arts and crafts, TLC Times, fine arts, video, photo, silver, enamel, nature arts and crafts, gaga, newcomb, badminton, archery, and kickball. Up every morning by 8:00 AM (unless we are having a rare late breakfast). Morning cleanup with a daily inspection. Meals at 8:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 6:00 PM. Mail at 12:30 PM and TLC Times on Sunday.
When you read the list above, it seems insane. But all these events, and the hundreds of campers and counselors, make up this crazy, wonderful world of Tripp Lake Camp. We may be saying goodbye to Summer 2015, but we will remember it well and cannot wait until we are reunited again in the Promised Land. Until then…