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From the moment I arrived at Tripp Lake Camp as a camper, I fell in love with its beauty, its people and its spirit. That love only grew as a counselor and, since 1999, as Director of Tripp Lake. My experience as a camper and counselor led me to a lifetime of working with people. After graduating from Lehigh University, I earned a Masters’ degree in social work from Washington University in St. Louis, and then served for many years as a clinical social worker at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. My experience as a camper and counselor also gave me a deep appreciation for Tripp Lake’s traditions and, coupled with my time as a social worker, a unique perspective on the benefits for a young girl of summers spent at Tripp Lake. My husband Mitchell and I live in Rye Brook, New York with our sons David and Michael.

Quest Intensive & Campers Show Off Their Love of Dance

July 11, 2017 by

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.”

– Mata Hari, Dutch Dancer

July 11, 2017

Quest Intensive

Quest Intensive

Over the course of their four-day visit, the talented New York City Dance Collective, Quest Intensive, worked with our campers of all different skill sets to introduce and inspire them to the art of performative expression.  All this hard work culminated in a rest hour performance hosted by our wonderful guest dance teachers to the cheers and support of their peers. The TLC Times was there to capture some of the action and we invite you to watch the following clip below. Enjoy!



TLC loved Quest Intensive inclusive and supportive learning environment and look forward to seeing them next year! Thanks for all your great energy and encouragement with our girls!


Opportunities for Self-Expression and Growth

July 10, 2017 by

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

-Muhammad Ali, American Boxer

Tripp Lake has always dedicated itself to providing campers opportunities to take creative risks while growing from their trials and accomplishments. We also know a safe environment is essential to allow for this to happen. This couldn’t be more apparent than in our very own Performing Arts program.

Last night’s Senior All-Star Revue took center stage to kick off TLC’s theater season in OTW. Performing Arts is a tradition tied to our camp as old as time itself. What can sometimes be overlooked during a final performance is the camper’s collective risk-taking, love, and dedicated effort which goes into each age group performance. This was not the case as the Seniors dug deep and showcased a wonderful montage of bunk songs, solos, complete with accompanying pianos, ukuleles, and guitars. The passage of time was a theme that guided not only their song choices but gave relevance during brief moments when select Seniors read aloud past entries from their personal camp journals from way back when.  1AB also sang a montage of show tunes from previous performances reaching as far back as their Junior year! At first blush, the Seniors seemed to be swimming in memories of the past, but it became apparent to the audience that this All-Star Revue was intended as a meaningful reflection on their friendships and experiences at Tripp, which helped shape them into the empowered young women they are today. It was a gorgeous celebration of their many years here at Tripp, which culminated in their final and emotional performance of “I Lived” by OneRepublic.

We invite you to view the wonderful clip below:


Speaking of performances, this year, TLC has provided campers the chance to work alongside Quest Intensive, one of the most prestigious in-studio dance experiences. Quest Intensive look to bring “a more nurturing and loving culture to a very intimidating industry.” This year, our girls have been fortunate enough to work with three professional dancers, Chi Chi Smith, Michael Cusumano, and Lauren Gibbs. Collectively, they bring their respective experiences from music videos, musical theater, and The world-renowned Rockettes.  Our girls participating in this will be showcasing their intensive hard work tomorrow during a performance at rest hour. We at TLC can’t be more excited to see their creativity and hard work! Expect a small montage from their performance tomorrow!

Oh, and P.S.: WE GOT AN AWESOME WATERSLIDE TODAY!!! Our Admin christened it in front of all of camp! Commence your FOMO now!



Tripp Lake Camp Week in Review – July 5, 2017

July 6, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp Week in Review – July 5, 2017 – So many activities happened in the last few days! You can feel the energy!

Little Team Announcements

The excitement began for the little teams as the big team captains announced this year’s Laugher, Jollies, Cheeries, and Smilies in a fantastic fashion. Advisors distributed new little team shirts then cheers from the team trees echoed all over camp. Team practices will begin shortly and soon the little team will begin competition. We can’t wait for the action!

Picture Day

Say cheese! Smile for the camera! Bunk, team and age group photos held the attention of campers on Friday, June 30th. Each year one of the first team activities is Picture Day. Completion of pictures was hurried slightly by incoming weather but each camper smiled big for this big day. Bunk pictures and age group pictures will be given to each camper at the each of the camp seasons.

Sunday Funday

A new activity, Sunday Funday, started Sunday, July 2nd. All regular activities were put aside for a Sunday morning Paj

ama Breakfast followed by an open period with new and exciting activities. Counselors brainstormed new and engaging

events to be offered during Sunday Funday during their pre-camp training. This Sunday Pirate Sailing, Beach Time, Pool Party, Tie-dyed T-shirts, Slack Lining, Tennis with Tunes, Archery Balloon Shoot, OTW Costume Party and Banana Boat Rides offered campers a plethora of choices. Girls joined in activities with their bunk, their sisters, or any of their friends. Smiles were glued to the faces of both campers and counselors as this first Sunday Funday was a rousing success! Plans immediately started for the next Funday and there are many surprises in store!


There was something for everyone on the stage of OTW Sunday evening as OG-NOG was presented for the camp. Singing, dancing, gymnastics, ukulele tunes and jokes entertained campers and counselors alike. There were 42 acts in our 2017 version of OG-NOG. 1AB serenaded us. Juniors danced and sang. It was a great evening for everyone at Tripp Lake Camp!

4th July Celebration

The Inter I’s led a beautiful ceremony on campus celebrating Independence Day. On one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far campers and counselors joined at the flagpole to hear the Inter I’s speak about diversity, unity, and our proud country.


The counselors’ shined on the OTW stage as the counselor talent show was held on the evening of July 4th. OC-NOC is traditionally held on this date and all in camp look forward to this fun event. The 30 acts this year entertained us with singing, dancing, comedy, solos and duets, and acapella and instrumental acts.  The OTW magic shined on everyone again this summer as it was remarked again and again that this OC-NOC was one of the best in years!

Stay tuned for more blogs to come!


June 29, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, MaineThursday was the day for the years-long tradition of the Juniors trip to strawberry picking at Chipman Farms! The morning was cool and overcast but that did not dampen the spirits of the Junior IIs and their counselors.

During their trip there were many “strawberry superstars” – those juniors who stacked their quart boxes the highest. Giggles broke out through the field as the girls picked the “butt berries” – those strawberries which were bigger than others. Some girls came back to the bus with shirts covered with pink tie-dyed-like patterns.

The goal of the trip is to bring back to camp more strawberries than they eat…and indeed they did! It was reported the girls ate one full flat of strawberries but seven more were brought back to camp! These strawberries have a starring role in our 4th of July celebration as decoration in the large flag cake served at lunch.

Thank you, Junior IIs, for all our gathering today!Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine


June 27, 2017 by

Bright and early Tuesday morning, campers and staff gathered in the dining hall to learn how the four new captains had picked their teams. After several “fake-outs” and much laughter the captains announced their teams, managers, and sing song leaders.  Sammy is leading the Giants this summer, Sylvie the Tigers, Sophie the Climbers, and Alex the Cubs. The spirit in camp was at a crescendo as the teams met at the traditional team trees. The seniors spent the rest of their day bonding with their new teams at the ropes course, zip-lining through the pine trees.

In other age groups, the Inter II’s started planning their Wish Night. The theatre staff met with the Inter I’s and went through their songs. The Inter III’s are finishing their rounds learning about new activities they get to experience as a member of the big teams. The Juniors, AJs, and Subs are waiting on their little team announcements which will be made later this week.

The end of the day Tuesday brought a short thunderstorm, but that could not dampen the Tripp Lake Camp spirit!Tripp Lake Camp, Poland Maine

Maine: Vacationland

June 26, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp, Poland MainePicture a cool and sunny day with a light breeze. This is the day we had in Poland, Maine, on Monday, June 26– the kind of day that made Maine Vacationland to many families for generations. As the camp schedule moves forward, campers are passing rectangles and learning rules while looking forward to earning new swim caps and wearing team clothes to land sports.

Campers and counselors gathered at the flagpole after evening activity to honor our “longevity ladies” – those campers who have spent five or more summers with us at Tripp Lake.

The five year campers received a navy blue waffle Tripp Lake Camp long sleeve shirt, the six years a TLC hat, seven years a Tripp lake Camp spirit jersey, eight years a vintage sweatshirt and the nine year campers a gorgeous winter TLC hat.

And YES, TLC alums, all these are UNIFORM!


Tripp Lake Camp, Poland Maine

Tripp Lake Camp, Poland Maine

Tripp Lake Camp, Poland Maine

Tripp Lake Camp, Poland Maine

June 25, 2017- TLC Times

June 25, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp was abuzz with activity on Sunday. Campers participated in sports, theatre, arts, and water sports.

Tripp Lake Camp, Poland MaineNo two days are alike at Tripp Lake Camp. TLC has so many special events and scheduled activities that every summer day is new and exciting! The Tripp Lake Camp schedule has six activity periods; three in the morning, two in the afternoon, and one in the evening. Each age group has a different plan and a new schedule is written each day. Even the youngest campers learn quickly how to plan and organize their days.

Sunday was also a day to elect new captains. Each year four girls from our oldest age group, the Senior IIs or commonly known as 1AB, are chosen to lead the four big teams. This year’s 1AB had so many great girls to choose from that the voting was very close. During the downtime waiting for the results, campers learned camp songs from TLC alums. Everyone in OTW was on the edge of their seats as the four new captains were announced. Congratulations to Sammy J., Sylvie L., Alex R., and Sophie S.! Tuesday the captains will announce their teams at breakfast in the dining hall and spend the day bonding with their Senior II managers and Senior I teammates on the ropes course.

Day’s Schedule: TLC Schedule (PDF)

June 23, 2017- Arrival Day at Tripp Lake Camp

June 24, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls in Maine

An exciting summer began at Tripp Lake Camp Friday morning with the growing sense of anticipation and Tripp Lake Camp spirit in the air! Administrators and counselors impatiently awaited camper arrival. A slow trickle of campers early in the day turned into a tidal wave of bodies and enthusiasm and by 4 PM– the family was back together! Whether they arrived by car, van, or bus, campers were greeted with smiling faces and hugs. For those new to Tripp Lake Camp, bunks were found and new friends made; for returning campers, each felt like they were home again.

The deafening roar of excited girls could be heard for miles as the Tripp Lake Camp counselors and campers joined all together for the first time in the dining hall and reveled in the traditional meal of chicken tenders, french fries, and s’mores bar for dinner.

Later, Friday Evening Services were held on the hill overlooking the lake and the counselors were introduced at the Opening Night Assembly in OTW.

The Tripp Lake Camp bubble has become official for Summer 2017. The things that are important now are sunshine, chimes, friends, and fun!

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls in MaineChanges, both small and large, are on the way this summer at Tripp Lake Camp. Campers were greeted with a remodeled and updated Health Center ready to keep TLC campers healthy and happy while other changes will reveal themselves as summer marches on.

Our blog will feature news from the day, thoughts from TLC alums working as counselors with other commentary from administrators, staff and campers. Stay tuned for updates on activities at TLC this summer; some traditional and others brand new. This summer will be one for the record books!

Holiday Sentiments from Tripp Lake Camp, December 2013

December 16, 2013 by

Dear Tripp Lake Camp Family and Friends,

Nothing makes me happier than spending my summers in Maine with so many bright, vivacious girls who share such an infectious enthusiasm.  Seeing so many of them recently at our reunion was a reminder of the wonderful spirit that exists among our camp community.  It was especially heartwarming to see that the outpouring of affection for each other was matched by their willingness to help those less fortunate.  While the focus is on reconnecting with camp friends, the contributions to the Carver Center Food Pantry and the donations to the Dunk Your Kicks program reflect the generosity and thoughtfulness of our girls and their families.

Tripp Lake Camp in Winter

Tripp Lake Camp in winter, Spahn House, DDI, Art Shops.

At Tripp Lake Camp, your daughter is part of a sisterhood that will extend far beyond her years at camp.  It is so rewarding to see how the young girls at camp look up to their older “sisters” and how the older girls look forward to being mentors for the younger girls.  They are creating bonds that will last the rest of their lives, and they are forging connections to generations of Tripp Lakers, both past and future.

During the year, I am always excited to hear the remarkable stories of accomplishment and the many ways in which our TLC girls are contributing in their schools and in their communities.  At this time of year, when we think of all our blessings, I am so grateful that you share your beautiful children with me and with all of us at Tripp Lake Camp.

Having met so many wonderful families who share the same hopes and dreams for their children as I do for my own, I am excited and optimistic as we look forward to the new year and another terrific summer in 2014!

Wishing you health and happiness in the coming year and always!

With warm regards,


Happy Halloween! Here’s a Modell’s Coupon from Tripp Lake Camp to Start Your Holiday Shopping!

October 30, 2013 by

Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.

Tripp Lake Camp Teams Up Again with Modell’s to Offer 15% Off Your Holiday Shopping!

The Maine Camp Experience ( community of camps, of which Tripp Lake Camp is a member, is teaming up with Modell’s Sporting Goods to offer camp families 15% off purchases in-stores and online this holiday season!  So, stock up on great gear and gifts, and start your camp shopping early. The coupon is reusable as often as you like from November 1-December 26, 2013. See attached coupon for full details.  The countdown to camp can never start too early, so get in the game and shop at Mo’s!

Modell’s Holiday Shopping 2013 Coupon

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