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Exciting News from Tripp Lake Camp!

November 7, 2017 by

I want to share some exciting news from Tripp Lake Camp!  Progress on our new Art Shops is proceeding at a terrific pace.  Pictured here is the current state of the building.  The second story is framed, and the roof will be on before the first snow fall.  This 8,000 square-foot building will house our ten art programs and will be sure to meet the needs of all our aspiring artists!

Tripp Lake Camp Art Shops Construction 2017

At the urging of many of our older campers, we have purchased sixteen spin bikes and added a spinning room in Lower Rainy Day.  We are also expanding our land sport clinics for those who want to hone their skills.  In addition to the phenomenal soccer training provided in recent years by Mike Turtle from Soccer Specific Training in New Jersey, we will be bringing in top-notch coaches to run clinics in basketball, volleyball, field hockey and lacrosse.

Because many of you have expressed an interest in cooking, we plan to create an industrial kitchen space where our girls can experiment and develop their culinary skills.  Yours truly will offer a special session in my areas of expertise– microwaving and scrambling eggs!

Speaking of cooking, I’m sure our girls will agree that our Food Service last summer finished on a high note!  We added many more choices to our salad, pasta and alternative bars.  Looking ahead, our campers can anticipate an even greater variety of selections next summer.

Finally, as we approach this season of Thanksgiving, I just want to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your continued support.  Our parents are an integral part of our TLC family.  Your trust and confidence in us help make Tripp Lake Camp the special place it is for so many.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, friends and laughter!

Kind regards,


Swim Across the Lake & Invitational Ski

August 8, 2017 by

These last days at Tripp Lake Camp hold many special events, especially at our TLC waterfront. Each day includes several events that allow campers to test the skills they learned or

perfected this summer or participate in activities they have yet to try. Two events on our waterfront

allow campers to show off their swimming and skiing ability. Swim across the Lake is an event held for Inter IIIs and up to take an early morning swim in Tripp Lake. Swimmers must be at least a green cap to participate. Campers were rewarded with the pride in themselves and a green TLC ribbon!

Our older girls who show great skill in ski were invited to TLC Invitational Ski on Monday morning. Twenty-five skiers were granted invitations to join staff in early morning skiing. The lake was glassy and spirits were high as the girls braved the cool temperatures just after sunrise. Wakeboarding, double skiing, and kneeboarding held the campers’ attention until breakfast. Hot chocolate was enjoyed by all. What a great way to start mornings at Tripp Lake Camp!

Campers are looking forward to events such as the Film Festival, pajama breakfast, Banquet, Shield Night, Art Show and the newly added Track and Field Challenge. Campers are staying busy and avoiding any mention of the words “last”, “final”, or “leaving”!

Guest Blog: Two Days at TLC: Camp through a Journalistic Eye

August 5, 2017 by

By Lauren Lang, TLC Tennis Counselor, Guest Blogger, English Intern, and 2017 Whacked-Up Relay runner

From Lewiston, Idaho, to Lewiston Maine, Lauren Lang is a 2nd-year member of the Tripp Lake Camp tennis staff. Majoring in English, Lauren hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and attends school and plays collegiate tennis at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho.


During the 2017 Senior All-Star Revue, the talented seniors did not just show their abilities in singing and dancing, but also, gave star performances from the beginning to the end. Revolved around the theme of TIME, each act emphasized with the moments of the past to the present, showed how much these girls have grown into fantastic young ladies. What most impressed the audience was the ability of the Seniors, through each of the acts on the OTW stage, they showed how strong the friendship they’ve made through their experiences at camp.


YEAH!! Pajama breakfast!! The campers were screaming with excitement when PJB was announced. And, of course, the counselors were also happy to be able to get an extra sleep and have doughnuts for breakfast. Then later, in the afternoon, brothers and cousins of Tripp Lake campers came to visit their dear sisters. After they enjoying a delicious macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders meal for lunch, campers and family members participated in friendly competitive activities outdoors such as tennis, basketball, and badminton.

**Guest blogs may be made infrequently by journalism and English interns throughout the summer. Counselors have different styles they may need to meet under their internship guidelines. We at Tripp Lake Camp enjoy the different viewpoints given by members of our staff.

Giggles visiting TLC

July 21, 2017 by

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”  

-Milton Berle, Comedian

Yesterday, we had some visiting Giggles for a Rookie Day session. Needless to say, it was a blast and such a wonderful way to introduce potential future campers & their parents curious about joining in on our fun community at Tripp Lake. We had so much fun while they were here and can’t wait for Rookie Weekend, which will be taking place the weekend of July 28th through the 30th.

If you’re interested in participating in future Rookie Days, don’t hesitate to contact our Main Office today. 🙂


We are preparing for your Visiting Day weekend!

July 20, 2017 by

“Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they just haven’t met my family.”


greetings from TLC

We are very excited to see you this weekend for Visiting Day in the Promised Land.   I would like to share with you what we are planning for the day as well as give you a few suggestions on how to make this an enjoyable day for your entire family.  It appears that the weather is forecasting high temperatures (87-90O) and high humidity so please dress accordingly.  In addition, feel free to bring your bathing suits so you may join your daughter in the lake at the conclusion of her swim class.  We also invite you to try out our new water slide as well. It is so much fun.  I know…I was one of the first to enjoy this new activity as you might have seen on Instagram and other social media sites.

Once you pass through our gate in the morning you will be guided to the parking area.  Then make your way to the head of campus to watch our morning assembly, which begins at 9:10AM.  If you arrive early, help yourself to fresh-brewed coffee and pastries in the Lodge and relax under the trees in front of the Spahn House.  Once assembly is over and you greet your daughter(s), she will bring you to her bunk to meet her counselor(s).  We invite you to spend the first period of the day meeting our staff and your daughter’s fellow bunkmates and their families.   At 10:30 our daily schedule will begin.  Our girls can’t wait to show you all they have been doing this summer.   In order to show you a typical Tripp Lake day it is essential for all girls to attend their activities, especially our exciting and colorful Team Games.    Don’t forget to wear your team colors too!  Try your best to follow the entire schedule to keep your daughter(s) in her routine.

Enjoy the morning activities but of course…don’t forget about 11:20 cookie line! No need to rush, our baker has been rather busy making tons and tons of our famous cookies for everyone.

Lunch will be served from the dining hall at 1:00PM.  You may choose to eat indoors or outside.  Enjoy the many new Adirondacks chair peppered throughout camp.  Rest hour will allow you to spend time in the bunks, play tennis or gaga, or just relax under the trees.  Ask your daughter to meet her friends, have her introduce you to her advisor or just catch up on the many adventures she has already had this summer. The Art Shops will be open all afternoon so you can view your daughter’s creative accomplishments.

As usual we will have a fleet of golf carts to help escort guests who need physical assistance around campus.  Please do not ask for these carts to bring your belongings to and from the parking lot.   Your daughter(s) are also aware that carts must only be used for guests who require them so remind your children they will not be permitted on the carts.

Remember, we are a nut-free community, and go to great lengths to keep our campers and staff safe throughout the summer.  Please pay careful attention to the foods you bring into camp in order to help us maintain a safe community for all.

I would like to give you several suggestions of appropriate items to bring as treats for the girls.  Rather than bring enormous amounts of sweets and candies that will collectively become far too much for a bunk of girls to consume, I highly recommend bringing craft projects, puzzles or games that your daughter may share with her bunkmates.  These can be used during our Sunday bunk bonding nights or during rest hour. This is a great way for the girls strengthen friendships and continue to work together.   When too much candy and sweets are brought to camp on Visiting Day we run the risk of children becoming sick from overeating, girls skipping the necessary nutritional meals provided by our kitchen staff, as well as critters looking for food.  In order to alleviate this situation we will ask the girls to donate their unwrapped food to our annual collection for the local food bank, which teaches them a valuable lesson about charity.  Unfortunately, some girls may have a difficult time giving up their food, which can be trying on the bunk communities.  Think carefully about what you bring.  I know that missing your daughter may urge you to want to buy things that will make her happy.   How about some team accessories instead?  I can guarantee any team related items will be met with excitement.  Remember, the little team colors are:

 CHEERIES – pink

 LAUGHERS – light blue 

SMILIES – yellow

JOLLIES – green.

And of course, the big teams are:

RAH-RAH Climbers! (blue & red)

HOO-RAH, HOO-RAH, HOO-RAH Cubs (red & white)

 SISS BOOM BAH – Giants RAH! (blue & white)

BUM BUDDY-BUM! BUM! Tigers! (black & orange).


Our Visiting Day will end at 5:00PM. Please join us under the trees to say your farewell.  Your daughter’s camp sister, counselor(s), advisor and all of the administration will be waiting there to help ease her back to her bunk to prepare for our thrilling evening activities.  On Friday night the girls will be participating in their annual Hunt the Counselor event and Saturday will showcase the new Tripp Lake Auction Night.  Rest assured, we will all be there to sweep the girls into the excitement of camp and the warmth and love we share in the Promised Land.  Enjoy your day!

the promised land cover photo

Guest Blogger: “Life At Camp as a New Counselor”

July 18, 2017 by

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States

tic rainbow

NOTE: This blog post was written by one of our current counselors, Jen Roux. We thought it would be refreshing to show you camp life through the lens of the new counselor experience. If you would like to learn more about Jen, we’ve posted a little counselor bio at the bottom. Enjoy!

jen profile pic counselorLike many of the counselors at Tripp Lake, I am not from the United States; I was born in South Africa, where the only camps we know of consist of wildlife and safaris. Having studied in America for the last two years I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by more of this country, but Maine and Tripp Lake definitely have managed to do just that. When I came for pre-camp counselor training, I was thrown into the wonders of Tripp Lake tradition. At first, it was overwhelming, from camper lingo, department lesson plans, chimes, reveille, and the seemingly endless age groups.

My expectations for the camper’s arrival came from the stories of returning counselors and ex-campers. “Screaming, singing and a lot of energy” is what they told me to prepare for, and whatever I do, NEVER mention the END of camp.

Just as it was described, the campers arrived and our campus became alive and vibrant with excitement. Now my days are filled with ongoing hugs and me warning everyone else not mention the end of camp. As a new counselor, one can be stressed because you fear that the campers won’t like you, or there’s too much history we don’t know. Not only do I feel MORE at home than ever, but the girls are beyond inclusive and welcoming. Each day I find myself learning something new about the camp and have had the privilege of spending time with each girl.

jen teaching tennis

What I’ve observed about this unique place is that it has its own culture; one that allows everyone–from campers to counselors–to express themselves comfortably and be supported doing it. This place has an amazing ability to enable people to reveal their genuine selves; the influences of the outside world are quietly shut away beautifully. Though counselors have the freedom of using electronics, I find that we have strayed away from using them and have become more engaged with one another. As we all say, each day at camp is long, but time flies by and by. It’s only week 4 and yet it feels like it’s been no time at all.

Jen Roux is 21 years old and hails from Cape Town South Africa. She is entering her third year of college in Idaho on a tennis scholarship. She now has the privilege of coaching campers the same age she was when she first started playing the sport. Jen is an Inter I bunk counselor and thoroughly enjoys it!

Quest Intensive & Campers Show Off Their Love of Dance

July 11, 2017 by

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.”

– Mata Hari, Dutch Dancer

July 11, 2017

Quest Intensive

Quest Intensive

Over the course of their four-day visit, the talented New York City Dance Collective, Quest Intensive, worked with our campers of all different skill sets to introduce and inspire them to the art of performative expression.  All this hard work culminated in a rest hour performance hosted by our wonderful guest dance teachers to the cheers and support of their peers. The TLC Times was there to capture some of the action and we invite you to watch the following clip below. Enjoy!



TLC loved Quest Intensive inclusive and supportive learning environment and look forward to seeing them next year! Thanks for all your great energy and encouragement with our girls!


Opportunities for Self-Expression and Growth

July 10, 2017 by

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

-Muhammad Ali, American Boxer

Tripp Lake has always dedicated itself to providing campers opportunities to take creative risks while growing from their trials and accomplishments. We also know a safe environment is essential to allow for this to happen. This couldn’t be more apparent than in our very own Performing Arts program.

Last night’s Senior All-Star Revue took center stage to kick off TLC’s theater season in OTW. Performing Arts is a tradition tied to our camp as old as time itself. What can sometimes be overlooked during a final performance is the camper’s collective risk-taking, love, and dedicated effort which goes into each age group performance. This was not the case as the Seniors dug deep and showcased a wonderful montage of bunk songs, solos, complete with accompanying pianos, ukuleles, and guitars. The passage of time was a theme that guided not only their song choices but gave relevance during brief moments when select Seniors read aloud past entries from their personal camp journals from way back when.  1AB also sang a montage of show tunes from previous performances reaching as far back as their Junior year! At first blush, the Seniors seemed to be swimming in memories of the past, but it became apparent to the audience that this All-Star Revue was intended as a meaningful reflection on their friendships and experiences at Tripp, which helped shape them into the empowered young women they are today. It was a gorgeous celebration of their many years here at Tripp, which culminated in their final and emotional performance of “I Lived” by OneRepublic.

We invite you to view the wonderful clip below:


Speaking of performances, this year, TLC has provided campers the chance to work alongside Quest Intensive, one of the most prestigious in-studio dance experiences. Quest Intensive look to bring “a more nurturing and loving culture to a very intimidating industry.” This year, our girls have been fortunate enough to work with three professional dancers, Chi Chi Smith, Michael Cusumano, and Lauren Gibbs. Collectively, they bring their respective experiences from music videos, musical theater, and The world-renowned Rockettes.  Our girls participating in this will be showcasing their intensive hard work tomorrow during a performance at rest hour. We at TLC can’t be more excited to see their creativity and hard work! Expect a small montage from their performance tomorrow!

Oh, and P.S.: WE GOT AN AWESOME WATERSLIDE TODAY!!! Our Admin christened it in front of all of camp! Commence your FOMO now!



Tripp Lake Camp Week in Review – July 5, 2017

July 6, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp Week in Review – July 5, 2017 – So many activities happened in the last few days! You can feel the energy!

Little Team Announcements

The excitement began for the little teams as the big team captains announced this year’s Laugher, Jollies, Cheeries, and Smilies in a fantastic fashion. Advisors distributed new little team shirts then cheers from the team trees echoed all over camp. Team practices will begin shortly and soon the little team will begin competition. We can’t wait for the action!

Picture Day

Say cheese! Smile for the camera! Bunk, team and age group photos held the attention of campers on Friday, June 30th. Each year one of the first team activities is Picture Day. Completion of pictures was hurried slightly by incoming weather but each camper smiled big for this big day. Bunk pictures and age group pictures will be given to each camper at the each of the camp seasons.

Sunday Funday

A new activity, Sunday Funday, started Sunday, July 2nd. All regular activities were put aside for a Sunday morning Paj

ama Breakfast followed by an open period with new and exciting activities. Counselors brainstormed new and engaging

events to be offered during Sunday Funday during their pre-camp training. This Sunday Pirate Sailing, Beach Time, Pool Party, Tie-dyed T-shirts, Slack Lining, Tennis with Tunes, Archery Balloon Shoot, OTW Costume Party and Banana Boat Rides offered campers a plethora of choices. Girls joined in activities with their bunk, their sisters, or any of their friends. Smiles were glued to the faces of both campers and counselors as this first Sunday Funday was a rousing success! Plans immediately started for the next Funday and there are many surprises in store!


There was something for everyone on the stage of OTW Sunday evening as OG-NOG was presented for the camp. Singing, dancing, gymnastics, ukulele tunes and jokes entertained campers and counselors alike. There were 42 acts in our 2017 version of OG-NOG. 1AB serenaded us. Juniors danced and sang. It was a great evening for everyone at Tripp Lake Camp!

4th July Celebration

The Inter I’s led a beautiful ceremony on campus celebrating Independence Day. On one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far campers and counselors joined at the flagpole to hear the Inter I’s speak about diversity, unity, and our proud country.


The counselors’ shined on the OTW stage as the counselor talent show was held on the evening of July 4th. OC-NOC is traditionally held on this date and all in camp look forward to this fun event. The 30 acts this year entertained us with singing, dancing, comedy, solos and duets, and acapella and instrumental acts.  The OTW magic shined on everyone again this summer as it was remarked again and again that this OC-NOC was one of the best in years!

Stay tuned for more blogs to come!


June 29, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, MaineThursday was the day for the years-long tradition of the Juniors trip to strawberry picking at Chipman Farms! The morning was cool and overcast but that did not dampen the spirits of the Junior IIs and their counselors.

During their trip there were many “strawberry superstars” – those juniors who stacked their quart boxes the highest. Giggles broke out through the field as the girls picked the “butt berries” – those strawberries which were bigger than others. Some girls came back to the bus with shirts covered with pink tie-dyed-like patterns.

The goal of the trip is to bring back to camp more strawberries than they eat…and indeed they did! It was reported the girls ate one full flat of strawberries but seven more were brought back to camp! These strawberries have a starring role in our 4th of July celebration as decoration in the large flag cake served at lunch.

Thank you, Junior IIs, for all our gathering today!Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine

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