July 26 & July 27, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 28, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Jocko Jamboree

We know you must be itching for some updates from the Promised Land! It’s been a fast and furious few days at Tripp Lake as we continue to pack our schedule with every activity and event possible. While the older campers have been circulating in and out of camp, our younger girls have been loving the quiet calm that surrounds Tripp Lake during long trip week. We don’t underestimate our JRs, AJs and Subs though. We know they can cheer and sing just as loud as their upper class counterparts, and this has been very apparent the past few days. On Tuesday, we saw the JRs take to the climbing wall which always brings about some nervous energy around camp. The nerves didn’t last long as we saw so many campers take on the wall challenge in stride. For each rock they ascended, they were met with encouraging words and enthusiasm from their friends and counselors. The smiles were genuine! 

Tripp Lake ClimbingThe JRs, AJs and Subs have also had a couple of big days on the tennis courts with multiple tournaments happening across the age groups. You can really see how much progress each camper has made in tennis through our wonderful team of dedicated and skilled instructors. The girls are out there serving and attacking the game with all they’ve got, while still having so much fun! That’s what it’s all about. We want these girls to come away enjoying the sports they’ve played at Tripp Lake while also discovering where they may want to spend more time working on skill sets in the off-season. So many campers come to Tripp Lake not knowing that they will love a certain sport or activity, only to find they have a new passion to share with their family and friends!

Tripp Lake KayakAs if all these activities weren’t keeping them busy enough, we decided to throw in a few more very special events for the younger campers. Tuesday afternoon was JR special day. The theme this year was “Over the Rainbow”. The entire JR squad was split up into teams by colors. After cheering their little hearts out for one another, they competed in relay races, unicorn puppet making, cookie decorating, and the “finding the rainbow” activity. All of this joyous fun came to a close with the crowd pleasing water balloon fight. It was a great way to make these campers feel extra special on a sunny afternoon at Tripp Lake. The evening brought about an exhilarating All-Star Soccer game made up of campers that were selected from the JR, AJ and SUB age groups. The all-star players really showed off their skills on the field while the rest of the campers cheered and sang songs on the sidelines. It was a fun time for everyone!

Tripp Lake BasketballThe JRs, AJs and Subs were met with a surprise announcement at the end of rest hour yesterday when they were told to throw on their swimsuits, shorts and water shoes before meeting at the head of campus. In place of their normal activities, they were going to be participating in the annual “Jocko’s Jamboree”! All the girls were split up into teams based on months of the year, and were led by staff team captains. Their first task was to dress up their captain in a crazy outfit. This was hilarious. From there, the teams participated in a series of fun games and exhilarating relay races. At the very end, our Subs covered themselves in chocolate sauce and ran back and forth across the soccer field while the other campers tried spraying them with water to get off all the sauce. There is something freeing about getting really messy and dirty at camp, and these girls embraced it fully. All the campers enjoyed a treat at the head of campus before jolting to the showers!

Our Inter Is and SRs also returned safely from their respective trips to Camden and Bar Harbor. We have more details and photos to share in the days to come. Just know for now that they had the best time and came back with stories and memories to share all around camp! We’re so glad they had this experience, but we’re also incredibly happy to have them back home with their camp family.


Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie