July 30 and July 31, 2022 – TLC Times

By August 1, 2022 TLC Times

This weekend kicked off what is sure to be an extremely eventful final two weeks at Tripp Lake Camp! Don’t tell your daughters we said that though because we’re not supposed to acknowledge the fact that there’s only two more weeks of magical bliss in the promised land. Saturday morning embodied the fun and silly side of our little team campers. At the little team swim meet, each of the teams participated in a number of hilarious and fun swim competitions in addition to a mascot Sandcastle building contest.

This spirited event culminated with the chosen Sub campers and staff getting pied in the face, while the rest of camp laughed and applauded from the beach. Good thing they were right next to the lake to be able to rinse off after! Very convenient. Following the little team swim meet, the JRs continued on to the ever popular gaga pit for an exhilarating little team gaga match. These girls sure love their gaga and it was on full display for all of Camp to see yesterday. Our older campers were excited to continue with mini landsports camps throughout the day, once again in field hockey, lacrosse and soccer. It never gets old watching these campers show that you can be spirited and fun while also being an incredible athlete. Our girls really have it all!

All of camp was treated to a Saturday night show from our amazing Subs. “Seussical The Musical” was as fun and colorful as this wonderful age group. From the beautiful sets and costumes to the superb acting and singing, you could really tell how much pride these campers took in their roles individually and as an entire age group. The audience was engaged from start to finish and as soon as the final song ended, the girls rushed the stage to hug and applaud their Sub sisters. We look forward to seeing this group and all our age groups continue to develop their camaraderie through performance. We only have two more age group shows left with “Wonderland” happening Monday night, followed by the JRs performing “The Jungle Book” later in the week. We can’t wait to see all of them shine!

The girls were elated when they discovered it was a pajama breakfast this morning. After such a fun night in the theater, it was nice to be able to see campers relaxed and enjoying the company of their sisters across all the age groups, which is one of our favorite things about the PJ breakfast. Our Inter IIIs tackled the climbing wall today and it was so cool to see them excel at this challenging endeavor while also having so much fun together! The staff and campers have such a great time at rocks and it shows in the genuine smiles and laughter you hear any time you go over there.

We had a good amount of time dedicated to sing song practice this afternoon which is important as we enter the week in which sing song will take place! This year is sure to be as memorable as our past seasons have been. Being that it’s Sunday, the post dinner activities were all about bunk bonding. From creating bunk plaques to movie nights to senior paparazzi, all the campers ended this beautiful day at Tripp Lake on a positive note. The most memorable part of the evening was the Senior Party (aka Sparty). This is a very special and cherished event for our SR Is and IIs, as well as the staff and administration that have the honor of attending. We will share more stories and pictures from this beautiful night tomorrow!


Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie