July 11, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 12, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Tennis

It was our Little Team’s day to shine! Walking over to campus this morning was a constant stream of pink, blue, yellow and green as our JR campers started their day decked out in team colors in preparation for some friendly competition! Just like our big teams, the little ones grabbed everything from tutus to crazy hats before heading over to basketball and lacrosse. These younger campers are just as enthusiastic about their team games as the older campers. A lot of that comes from the tone that is set by 1AB from the start of the summer that just naturally rubs off on the littles ones. They want to cheer and sing just as loud as their older sisters and we’re all for it!

Tripp Lake Little TeamsIt was also banner bunk announcement day and the prize for cleanest bunk was the most coveted yet! Each banner bunk winner will receive a PJ breakfast in bed! The announcements were made at assembly and with each bunk number called, you could tell these girls really wanted this prize. And who can blame them. Breakfast brought to you in the bunk sounds pretty fantastic.

Tripp Lake Little TeamsOur seniors started their day with an open morning ski. Anyone who chose to come down before Reveille was able to enjoy a quiet, calm morning out on Tripp Lake. It’s hard to think of something more peaceful. It was another day of the dynamic tennis academy run by Aaron Hyde. Every age group has embraced Aaron as a part of the Tripp Lake family right away. They love his energetic spirit and passion for the game of tennis which of course makes these lessons even more fun for the girls. You could tell they were really engaged throughout the clinics today! A lot of campers who were signed up for one-week are extending it to two. Just a heads up that there’s no need to contact us if your camper wants to extend or participate as we’ll just adjust the list with Aaron based on what the girls tell him and us!

Tripp Lake TakajoFollowing dinner, the Seniors and Inter IIs were delighted to head out on an adventure to meet up with Takajo campers in Naples! It was the first social event of the summer with the boys. They boarded the Songo River Queen for a 1.5 hour sunset cruise around Long Lake. There was a lot of nervous excitement from both the boys and girls at the beginning, but eventually they started talking and many left the boat with smiles and new friendships with the wonderful male campers from Takajo. We’re glad we could provide this opportunity for the girls and we look forward to having more socials throughout the summer! 

Back at camp, the other age groups were busy having fun doing their own evening activities. The JR Is were elated to have Olympia tonight while the JR IIs enjoyed a campfire over at the Trip Den. AJs, Subs and Inter IIIs had a rejuvenating spa night and Inter Is practiced for their show in the theater. Looking towards tomorrow, the girls are excited for another Tuesday Trip Day! More Maine adventures await.


Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie