July 10, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 10, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Beach Day

It’s hard not to smile when reflecting back on this gorgeous Sunday in Maine. Our girls were in for so many treats today! From Brother/Sister adventures to “Fun in the Sunday”, we made sure to take advantage of every minute.

Tripp Lake and TakajoOur campers with siblings at Camp Takajo were picked up right after assembly and made their way to Naples for a Long Lake cruise on The Songo River Queen! The girls with brothers at Cedar went on an equally fun adventure to Fenn Park where they played mini-golf and bonded over ice cream and laughter. The Androscoggin siblings also shared a Mini-golf/ice-cream adventure at Tabers! The reunions between your children were a beautiful sight to see. You could tell they genuinely wanted to spend time with each other and talk about all things camp. Even if you’re having a wonderful summer, sometimes you just need to hug your brother and feel a sense of home. That’s what these girls got today and we know it means so much to all of you that we provide this opportunity.

Tripp Lake ClimbingOur girls back at camp were just as engaged as the off-site campers. In addition to daily activities, the Inter I’s and III’s had the option to join our Tennis staff for a Wimbledon viewing party! Anyone who loves tennis knows how much fun it is to watch this amazing tournament. Aaron Hyde also continued with more fantastic skill development at the Tennis Academy. He’s a total camp guy at heart and it shows with how engaging and entertaining he is with our campers. We’re lucky to have him here for two weeks! You could also find the Inter I’s an the climbing wall today! It’s always fun to see these girls supporting each other as they tackle the various levels of our wall, and we saw that cheering in action during Period 2.

Tripp Lake BeachAfter lunch, the campers started to get a little suspicious when they saw massive inflatables being blown up across the beach and basketball courts. For our returning campers, as well as our new ones, they are always on the lookout for the surprise “Special Day”. The surprise is always part of the fun so we try to divert them as much as we can until the excitement can no longer be contained. I decided to stand out in the middle of campus when the official announcement was made over the loud speaker that there would be a change of plans this afternoon. Instead of the standard activity schedule, we were having “Fun in the Sunday!”. Similar to the “Wet and Wild Wednesday” of 2021, the campers were instructed to grab their bathing suits and towels and head down to the waterfront for endless fun in the sun. Joyous screams erupted from all the bunks as they ran across camp in packs down to the lake. There were inflatable water slides, bouncy castles, inflatable ax throwing, an icecream truck, and many more special activities on the beach. Our ski staff ran the boats continuously all afternoon as we tried to get as many girls on the banana boat and in waterskiing when they weren’t jumping with joy on the inflatables. We lucked out. It was the most perfect day for the water world adventure. Don’t worry, we made sure to include a sunscreen tent staffed by our nurses so all the girls would be sun protected from head to toe!

By the time we got to bunk bonding this evening, the girls were wiped (in a good way). Many of them decided they just wanted to hang with their age group and go to bed at a decent hour. No bunk hopping tonight! I can attest that it was silent on campus almost immediately after taps. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your campers have truly had the best day with their siblings and friends and are looking forward to the start of Week 3 at TLC!

Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie