July 5, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 5, 2021 TLC Times

It felt very refreshing to wake up to warmer temperatures at camp today. Even though many campers have been saying how much they loved the sweatshirt weather we’ve had for the past few days – they were excited to find out our high of the day would be 76 degrees. Hello to a full day of outdoor activities! But before jumping into the water or a game of Gaga, campers made their way to picture day outside under the trees! Typically this day occurs earlier in the first week of camp; however, for the safety of everyone, we decided to hold off on mixing girls with their entire age group until we were officially COVID-free. With yesterday’s exciting news, we felt ready to have our annual picture day!

One after the other, girls gave us their biggest smiles as they posed with their age group and then their bunk. Each bunk was given the creative freedom to come up with their group photo formation; and as you can imagine, many of them were ready to show off their amazing personalities! After taking their photos under the trees, the chimes began to sound for Cookie Line! I overheard girls saying, “Please let it be chocolate chip cookie day!” Luckily, the kitchen was listening – chocolate chip cookie it was!

From there, girls went to Campus for our traditional 4th of July ceremony, which we postponed yesterday due to the rain. The whole camp gathered around the flagpole on campus, and then our two youngest campers (from this summer and last summer) did the honor of raising the flag. (The youngest campers raising the flag on July 4th has been a Tripp Lake tradition for generations!)  They did such an incredible job! Our Inter I’s welcomed everyone to campus by singing beautifully and then led everyone through a number of songs like The Star-Spangled Banner. Lots of smiles, sunshine, and mask-free photos at camp today, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

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