Guest Blog: Two Days at TLC: Camp through a Journalistic Eye

By August 5, 2017 TLC Times

By Lauren Lang, TLC Tennis Counselor, Guest Blogger, English Intern, and 2017 Whacked-Up Relay runner

From Lewiston, Idaho, to Lewiston Maine, Lauren Lang is a 2nd-year member of the Tripp Lake Camp tennis staff. Majoring in English, Lauren hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and attends school and plays collegiate tennis at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho.


During the 2017 Senior All-Star Revue, the talented seniors did not just show their abilities in singing and dancing, but also, gave star performances from the beginning to the end. Revolved around the theme of TIME, each act emphasized with the moments of the past to the present, showed how much these girls have grown into fantastic young ladies. What most impressed the audience was the ability of the Seniors, through each of the acts on the OTW stage, they showed how strong the friendship they’ve made through their experiences at camp.


YEAH!! Pajama breakfast!! The campers were screaming with excitement when PJB was announced. And, of course, the counselors were also happy to be able to get an extra sleep and have doughnuts for breakfast. Then later, in the afternoon, brothers and cousins of Tripp Lake campers came to visit their dear sisters. After they enjoying a delicious macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders meal for lunch, campers and family members participated in friendly competitive activities outdoors such as tennis, basketball, and badminton.

**Guest blogs may be made infrequently by journalism and English interns throughout the summer. Counselors have different styles they may need to meet under their internship guidelines. We at Tripp Lake Camp enjoy the different viewpoints given by members of our staff.