Swim Across the Lake & Invitational Ski

By August 8, 2017 TLC Times

These last days at Tripp Lake Camp hold many special events, especially at our TLC waterfront. Each day includes several events that allow campers to test the skills they learned or

perfected this summer or participate in activities they have yet to try. Two events on our waterfront

allow campers to show off their swimming and skiing ability. Swim across the Lake is an event held for Inter IIIs and up to take an early morning swim in Tripp Lake. Swimmers must be at least a green cap to participate. Campers were rewarded with the pride in themselves and a green TLC ribbon!

Our older girls who show great skill in ski were invited to TLC Invitational Ski on Monday morning. Twenty-five skiers were granted invitations to join staff in early morning skiing. The lake was glassy and spirits were high as the girls braved the cool temperatures just after sunrise. Wakeboarding, double skiing, and kneeboarding held the campers’ attention until breakfast. Hot chocolate was enjoyed by all. What a great way to start mornings at Tripp Lake Camp!

Campers are looking forward to events such as the Film Festival, pajama breakfast, Banquet, Shield Night, Art Show and the newly added Track and Field Challenge. Campers are staying busy and avoiding any mention of the words “last”, “final”, or “leaving”!