July 7, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 8, 2022 TLC Times
JR SR Bingo

Tripp Lake RopesWe are in the groove, everyone. The girls have occupied camp like they’ve been here for months, and that’s exactly what we love to see. Today was a fun day to follow the sweet and funny JRs around camp. This age group is always pure entertainment. At rocks and ropes, you could see them running as fast as they could in a line screaming out their names for all of camp to hear while giggling into the woods. There were many team building activities planned for them on the low ropes course and you could tell they were loving this experience with their peers. They bring so much joy to everyone around them and you’re sure to come away with a smile on your face after any interaction, big or small. Of course we love all our age groups equally and they each bring a unique flavor to the camp community, but it’s very special to see our young ones starting to discover who they are in this safe and supportive setting. Their growth in just a couple of weeks is tremendous. Not only are they learning how to live independently in this camp environment, but they are also learning the importance of looking out for their peers. The simple act of running back to the cabin to grab your bunkmate’s little team t-shirt is so thoughtful and shows how close their friendships have already become. Speaking of Little Team Practice, we saw a lot of that today! The yellow smilies were off at lacrosse, the green jollies were at field hockey, the blue laughers at soccer and the pink Cheeries at basketball. In these practices, the girls get a chance to interact with campers outside their age group and spend time with fellow little team sisters and cousins. The Little Team has created a whole other camp family for them, and it’s great to see them coming together to learn new skills across these various sports. 

Tripp Lake JuniorsThis afternoon we decided to dedicate a period to Letter Writing under the dining hall (UDH) with the Juniors and AJs. Head Counselor Sam M. was in charge of this endeavor and she made it the most fun letter writing experience these girls have ever seen. From drawing pictures to sending “hugs” in letter format, our little ones enjoyed the process of formulating messages to send family members and friends. We know that some of you are awaiting this type of contact from your kids and we hope you’ll love what they send! 

Inter I AJ KickballAfter dinner, we transitioned into more activities spanning multiple age groups. As much as we want the campers to bond within their own age group, we also want to make sure they’re building relationships with campers that are older and younger than them. This is what creates the uniquely close Tripp Lake community that we love and cherish. The AJs and Inter I age groups came together for kickball while the Juniors and Seniors joined forces for our annual JR/SR Bingo night in Cliff House.

JR SR BingoFor JR/SR Bingo, we pair up each SR with one or two JR campers. Our SRs really love this tradition as they get a chance to bond with their little sisters. What’s even more fun is they always bring matching outfits to dress up in. It’s probably the cutest thing we’ve seen all summer. From matching pajamas to full bear suits, they came dressed to impress. Cliff House was filled with so much energy and excitement tonight as they ran through multiple bingo rounds, with the winning pairs receiving small candy prizes. Looking towards tomorrow, we’re delighted to share that we’ll be starting our tennis academy and soccer clinics! More to come on that.

Kind Regards.

Leslie and Katie