July 6, 2022 – TLC Times

By July 6, 2022 July 8th, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Swim

Bright sunny skies and a cool breeze made for what many would refer to as “a perfect Maine day”. It was another day packed full of activities all over camp! Without the Seniors in camp, the next oldest age group (Inter I) really brought the energy from the minute they woke up! We saw them cheering and singing at meals and supporting each other at activities. This is always fun to witness as you start to see how these girls are growing as leaders on camp. They are a tight knit group with a lot of fun personalities and we know they will be great Seniors next year!

Tripp Lake SwimIt was a delight to see many of them working on their strokes today at swim, with the hope of making it to the coveted white cap level (the highest swimming level at Tripp Lake). The swim program is an integral part of our days and the campers take great pride in moving up each year to the next cap level. Think of it similar to a karate belt. It’s important to have this type of progression in activities so the campers can set goals early on and work towards achieving those each summer.

Tripp Lake PotteryThe art shops were also a popular place to be today. At any given point throughout the day, you could walk into one of the art shops and view a group of campers engaged in unique and fun projects. We saw everything from garden gnomes in pottery to stained glass butterflies in arts and crafts. The AJs were ecstatic to share that they learned how to make crepes today in culinary! It was hard to tell whether they were more excited about making them or eating them though.

If you were to walk down to the theater in the morning, you would have seen a first glimpse of the JRs rehearsing for their age group show: The Jungle Book! Everyone received their parts after breakfast so that made for a lot of energy and excitement all morning. There is no bad part at Tripp Lake though. Everyone is here to come together and create magical performances to share with their peers and counselors. 

Tripp Lake Tennis

The Subs and Seniors returned from their first overnight trips today as well. The Subs started their first day exploring caves, waterfalls and other naturally formed elements across the Lost River area. On the second day, they hiked around The Flume, a two-mile loop that took them through a picturesque wonderland, ending up at Cannon Mountain where they took an aerial tour by tram of the mountain.

After camping out overnight, the Seniors spent the day rafting the Penobscot River! They ate lunch along the way and checked out the sites around Mountain Katahdin (the northernmost point on the Appalachian Trail). Both groups were faced with some rain, but made the best of it given the circumstances! We were so happy to have them arrive back to camp safely, and we know they were even happier to take a warm shower and cozy up in the bunk for the night. We’re looking forward to having them engaged in activities again tomorrow!


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Leslie and Katie