June 27, 2022 – TLC Times

By June 27, 2022 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Camp Landscape

There’s something really comforting about walking the path to breakfast every morning while the girls scurry out of their bunks filled with all the hope and excitement for the day ahead. Although we were met with some mid-morning rain, that did not interfere with all the fun and activities we had planned for our girls. In fact, it was somewhat of a relief to feel a cool breeze after a couple hot and sunny days. 

This evening, we were able to gather in Over the Wall, OTW for short, for the first time this summer. We can’t tell you how happy this made our campers, especially the Seniors. OTW is an incredibly special and significant place here at Tripp Lake Camp. Built in 1913, this unique theater has hosted decades of special events, age group shows and traditions which have been witnessed by every Tripp Lake girl that walks through its doors. If only those walls could talk! Each of our age groups met with the fabulous theater staff to get to know, or be reacquainted with OTW. The theater staff presented opportunities to get involved with the productions in different ways than what we’ve seen before. Not only will each camper have the chance to perform in the age group show in front of their Tripp Lake family, but they will also have the opportunity to help assemble costumes, assist in tech, and create sets! We are looking forward to seeing our campers expand their love and knowledge of this magnificent art form, all while creating long lasting memories.  

Tripp Lake Camp CaptainsToday was another exciting day for our Seniors! They came together to nominate eight fabulous 1AB girls to be considered for Team Captain this summer. Our Team Captains serve as leaders for the four big teams and work to embody the energy, team spirit and enthusiasm we all treasure here at Tripp Lake! Each nominated Senior was announced to the camp. From there, all the returning Inter III and up campers were able to cast their vote to determine who would be our captains. While the votes were being tallied, our older campers led our younger campers in songs and cheers to continue building the traditions and spirit of TLC. Before we knew it, our Team Captains were ready to be announced! We are so proud of these four ladies and the entire 1AB 2022 group, and cannot wait to see them grow as leaders at Tripp Lake.

As we reflect on another full day of camp, we are filled with a deep sense of gratitude and joy. Our new campers are making new friends and adjusting well to life in the “Promised Land”. Our returning campers are getting back into the routines of camp, and helping their new Tripp Lake sisters learn the ropes while sharing in the energy and excitement for each new and familiar experience. Just think, it’s Day 3. We’ve only just begun!

Kind Regards,

Leslie and Katie