July 7, 2021 – TLC Times

By July 8, 2021 TLC Times

Whether it’s pottery, arts and crafts, team outfits, or the theatre – our girls come to camp every year prepared to show their personality and individuality in every space. When it comes to creativity, our campers truly shine. Tonight was our traditional (and favorite!) event called, OG-NOG, a camper talent show – a night that campers look forward to every single year. Whether it’s singing, dancing, juggling, or telling the best jokes around – these girls come on the stage ready to draw the audience’s attention.

Earlier today as I was connecting with campers at different activities, girls started sharing how excited they were for tonight. Some started cheering, ‘I can’t wait!’, while others shared how they felt a little nervous for the big night. After reminding them that nerves are completely normal, and making sure they knew the Tripp Lake community is a supportive one that will be cheering so loud for them – you could see their shoulders start to relax, their smiles continue to grow, and the giddiness unravel. One by one I began to learn more about how each performer selected their song or dance – Kendall W (JR II) was so excited to sing Edelweiss because the Sound of Music was the first movie she ever remembers seeing, and she said that it “brings back happy memories!” It was special to hear their excitement and how much thought they put into their decision on what to perform.

I was able to sit down and chat with a group of AJ’s this morning, and we talked about how the role of the audience is one of the most important roles at all our shows and events. The audience sets the tone for our shows – they bring the energy, positivity, support, and cheers! And the audience did not disappoint tonight – their energy was palpable. Campers were up during performances dancing and rooting on their fellow campers, and it has been, by far, my favorite night of camp so far. Sitting outside Cliff House brought the cooler summer night air, sweatshirts, and Crazy Creek’s – the type of summer night we all dream about at camp. It was one for the books, and we’re so happy your girls performed and cheered tonight!

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