June 30, 2021 – TLC Times

By June 30, 2021 TLC Times

This morning at breakfast you could hear campers whispering with friends, each guessing which big team they were on. Big smiles crept across their face as their friends guessed back and forth across the table – “I think you’re a Tiger! Wait, no Climber. I think you’re a Giant and you’re a Cub!”

Once morning assembly ended, girls made their way down to Cliff House, where they sat outside patiently waiting for the big reveal. The Team Captains prepared to read off the names of girls on their team, as well as their sing-song leader, sing-song committees, and managers. Our amazing Team Captains –  Ava Price (Tigers), Quinn Verona (Climbers), Sydney Leibowitz (Giants), and Lily Fergang (Cubs), each stood up in front of everyone, decked out in spirited attire that represents their team! Cheers let out as each girl’s name was called, and tears of joy were seen from girls who were picked as sing-song leaders – a very special role for our Senior I girls each summer.

As soon as the final team’s roster was read, all campers flocked to their team tree and staff helped our first-time campers look for their team color on each tree. Once girls gathered at their team tree, their team captains began teaching everyone team cheers and practicing. Minute by minute, girls began picking up on cheers and getting louder and louder for all the other teams to hear – all of Tripp Lake could hear! One of my favorite parts about this day is seeing our older girls teach our younger and newer campers; their excitement to lead and share stories of their teams in the past is so fun to watch. After years of watching their Team Captains lead, they were ready to step into this position with such confidence and kindness. The big team bonding has begun, and I can already tell each team is going to be incredible!

Almost immediately after big teams were announced, our amazing Junior, AJ, and Sub girls started asking, ‘Wait, when will little team announcements happen?’ We will be bringing the same energy to our little team announcements which take place later this week! This summer has brought an even stronger desire to participate than ever – these girls don’t want to miss out on anything. The TLC team is stronger than ever, and our big teams strengthen our community every single year. Stay tuned for more updates on our little team announcements this week!

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