June 29, 2021 – TLC Times

By June 29, 2021 TLC Times

We’re very fortunate to have counselors join us each summer from all corners of the world. They are the driving force at camp, each bringing different life experiences that impact our campers’ experience during the summer and beyond. While we have an entire community of Tripp Lake staff who support our campers, our counselors are the primary caregivers – the morning wake-up call when girls accidentally sleep in a little too late, the hand-holders when nerves creep in walking up to the rock climbing wall, and the loudest laugh when a camper cracks a funny joke at the dinner table.

We stress just how important this role is at Tripp Lake Camp during the interview process because our girls deserve to have the best summer where they are supported and loved every day. This summer was no different; we set out earlier than ever to find the best staff members – many returning staff and many new. Counselors arrived two weeks early this year, to ensure that we had ample time to train, organize their department, check inventory, bond with one another, role play with one another, and ultimately make sure everyone felt ready for the summer ahead! After weeks of talking about how the feeling of camp will instantly change once campers arrive, they finally understood that magical feeling as buses pulled up on Arrival Day. As soon as campers’ feet hit the ground, our counselors greeted the girls and stepped into their role with intention, excitement, and a determination to guide them in their personal growth this summer.

Our counselors know how important it is for them to set the tone with our campers from day one; they understand how crucial it is to be a strong leader, one that girls listen to, respect, and feel comfortable talking to. The past few days have brought daily temperatures hitting over 90 degrees, and I’ve heard our counselors lovingly remind girls to wear sunscreen, hydrate, and take breaks in the shade each day. They’ve been setting daily goals for how many times the girls should be refilling their water bottles and modeling the importance of getting to sleep early so that they’re well-rested for the next day. They’ve also been the shoulder to lean on when the occasional feeling of missing home have crept in as they make their transition into camp.

Our counselors have been their biggest supporters, a role we know you all as parents hold dearly. Our counselors take on this role keeping you all in their mind during every interaction because we know how big of a decision it has been to entrust us with your amazing daughters this summer. I’ve been so impressed with our counselors this week and can’t wait to see the relationships they continue to build with your girls!

Kind Regards,