It is Truly the People Who Make the Place

By July 25, 2016 TLC Times

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

I think all of us would agree that having a sense of community is important in many ways.  Community brings people together; it makes people feel they belong to something bigger than themselves.  It allows people to accomplish things that that could not happen without a community. It allows us to be ourselves!

These past few days have shown us a very special TLC community, one in which the parents and grand parents have shared with all of us the magic of the Promised Land.  Thank you for attending our Visiting Day!

Golding Sharf Family Tigers

Dear Community of Tripp Lake Camp,

Thank you for being the driving force in my trans-formative TLC experience and for allowing me to become the person I am. Thank you for picking me up when I’m down, for cheering me on at team games and for greeting me with hugs after every last spelling bee. You all have the power to bring me back to my truest self and purest happiness with a single text in the dead of winter and to make my day with a wave on the sidewalk.

Thank you counselors for being the role models I need and thank you admin for your endless smiles. Thank you juniors for reminding me of where I came from and thank you seniors for being with me every step of the way.

It truly is the people who make the place.

campers in kayaksAll my TLC love,


Girls at the lake