Dear Mom and Dad, Thank-You for the Gift of Tripp Lake

By July 19, 2016 TLC Times

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

As Visiting Day draws near we’d like to share with you a few important details.  Hilary’s reading during our Friday Evening Service sums up the sentiments of our campers and below you will find a few reminders to make the most of our Visiting Day!

IMG_3805Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for the gift that forever will impact me. Without you guys I would have never been able to grow into myself or become the confident person I am today. By you guys providing me with Tripp Lake, I have been provided with a place and group of people who will never judge or think twice when I try to sing or play any sport. I am grateful for the gift that I am able to carry with me wherever or whenever. It might have been hard seeing me walk through the gates at O’Hare each year, but when you were there to meet me two months later, I was changed for the better.

All my TLC love,


Dear Visiting Day Parents,

We look forward to your upcoming visit!  Our visiting days are Friday, July 22nd and Saturday, July 23rd.  The day will begin at 9:00AM and end at 5:00PM.   We will serve a special luncheon in honor of the occasion.

For your convenience, for driving directions to camp via your GPS use 132 Tripp Lake Camp Road, Poland, Maine.

A few special notes…

VISITOR INFORMATION:  If you are interested in information about things to do in Portland, you can call the VISITORS INFORMATION CENTER at 207-772-5800.  They will be happy to send you a guide of accommodations, attractions, and restaurants in the Portland area.  You may also visit their web site at www.visitportland.com or for more general information about Maine visit www.visitmaine.com.

TREATS:  We appeal to your sense of  “fair play” and ask that you please be reasonable with the candy and other treats you bring to camp on visiting day.  Keep in mind that whatever you bring is multiplied by five or six others in the bunk.  Your daughter will be told in advance that we will let her keep only a very small portion of the snacks to share with all her bunkmates for that evening.  The biggest concern we have about the food brought into camp on visiting day is for campers and counselors who have severe allergic reactions to certain food products. When preparing for visiting day we request that you do not bring products that include peanuts, sesame and tree nuts.  We will collect the left-over food after parents’ visiting day and donate it to a local food bank.  Please help us eliminate the disappointment when the food is collected.  We hope that you will reinforce the importance of following rules.

BUNK GIFTS AND CLOTHING:  Please do not bring bunk gifts or bunk clothing for the campers in your daughter’s bunk.  The resulting competition can cause unhappiness and resentment.  This kind of competition is absolutely not in keeping with the values, spirit and traditions of Tripp Lake Camp.  Gifts will be donated to a local charity.

PROJECT PINK:  We will be selling pink TLC pins for $20.00 that have been generously donated.  All proceeds will benefit The Tutu Project.  We hope you will support this worthy project to benefit breast cancer patients that do not have medical insurance.

“Dunk you kicks” for the MAX CURE FOUNDATION: Don’t throw away your old sneakers!  Bring them to Visiting Day and donate them to a worthy cause!  Help us fill up a canoe by “Dunking Your Kicks” at Tripp Lake Camp in support of children with cancer.

SAYING GOODBYE:  Please help us at the end of visiting day and say goodbye to your daughter at the Team Trees not at her bunk.  Nancy, Janet, the entire staff and I will be at the Team Trees to help with the transition after you leave camp.

GRANDPARENTS:  We appreciate our parents informing visiting grandparents of our policies before their visit.IMG_3918

We want visiting day to be special because of the quality time you and your daughter will spend together.  Please help us maintain the high standards for which we strive in everything we do.  Please  don’t  hesitate  to call if we can be of any assistance in helping you plan your trip.  We look forward to seeing you soon!