What's Happening at Tripp Lake Camp: July 23, 2015

By July 23, 2015 TLC Times

“I did some good things as a rookie.”

Earl Campbell, American Football Player

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Day 26: Rookie Day & Inter III’s Play

Today, Tripp Lake Camp was lucky enough to have a number of “small” visitors come to The Promised Land. It was Rookie Day, where prospective campers and their parents not only visit TLC, but were also invited to sample some of the activities Tripp Lake Camp has to offer. The Rookies, who are given a customized purple TLC shirt and lovingly referred to as “The Giggles,” flexed their creativity in the Art Shops, spent some time on our beach playing volleyball, and scored goals in Soccer.  The little ones were escorted around camp by our wonderful counselors and Senior IIs, who kept them company and talked about some of camp’s most beloved traditions, like Big Teams, Sing-Song, Over The Wall, and cheering in the Dining Hall.

Charlotte Hawkins was there to record some of today’s events exclusively for the TLC Daily Blog. Please click on the link below and enjoy a glimpse into Rookie Day. 🙂

The night wrapped up with the Inter III’s fun-filled performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in OTW. If you were curious to what it looked like, just imagine your typical high quality Broadway revival, but with much smaller and much more adorable actors. When the play ended, all campers returned to their bunks, where they brushed their teeth, tucked themselves in, and slept with excitement for Visiting Day Weekend.

otw joseph

Note: For those parents & grandparents planning on coming for Visiting Day Weekend, we have attached  the weekend forecast below. We are all very excited to see you, but please plan and pack for a strong possibility of inclement weather. TLC has a rainy day schedule, if necessary. In the meantime, we will be hoping for a bright and sunny TLC day. Safe travels and see you all very soon!