June 27, 2021 – TLC Times

By June 27, 2021 TLC Times

What an amazing day we had yesterday at Tripp Lake Camp! We’re still reminiscing on all the fun Arrival Day 2021 brought and are already diving right into summer. The girls settled into their bunks last night, with many decorating their space and winding down with their bunkmates. Then the new day started with the infamous reveille morning wake-up call, which sounded across Tripp Lake Camp. With this sound initiating the first full day of camp, girls made their way to breakfast, where they chose between endless options from eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, toast, gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast tacos, fresh fruit, and milk. Breakfast brought a much quieter meal-time than dinner last evening, as girls chatted with their table and started waking up slowly to greet the day.

After breakfast, campers started walking towards campus to raise the flag and hear announcements at Morning Assembly. Our Seniors kicked things off with a few of their favorite cheers, and after a few morning announcements (including important reminders to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen!), the girls were off! Some scurried off to tennis with their racquets in hand, ready to hit the courts. At the same time, other campers’ first period of the day was learning the ins and outs of different activities like archery, dance, horseback riding, lacrosse, outdoor living, soccer, and softball.

Our new campers went on a tour of the Art Shops, exploring everything from Nature Arts and Crafts (NAC), Pottery, Fine Arts, Enamel, Arts and Crafts, and the TLC Times, the camper led weekly newsletter. Our Inter I’s were the first to get to the waterfront, where they did their Rectangles, a swim test that helps make sure they’ll be safe in the water, and Tips & Dumps, a boat safety procedure. With the warmer weather, today was the perfect day to take a dip!

The evening brought the first special event – Meet the Counselors, where counselors introduced themselves with a fun skit for all our campers. Whether it was renditions of Disney favorites or hit pop songs, counselors sang the night away for all the campers. Laughs, cheers, and (only occasional) pitch issues were heard around camp! We transitioned right into the second event of the evening with Return of the Shield, an event that officially marks the start of summer. The Seniors spoke about various aspects of camp and the traditions we hold dear, one of which is reading the previous year’s Captain’s letters and returning the shield to camp. This tradition officially closes the circle of the previous summer and begins our 2021 season! Our evening ended with singing our five traditional songs around the flagpole, appropriately socially distanced but just as beautiful as ever.

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