July 25, 2018 – TLC Times

By July 25, 2018 January 17th, 2019 TLC Times
Tripp Lake Camp Scavenger Hunt 2018

I’ve got to tell you… I came into Friday and Saturday’s visiting day goodbyes at Tripp Lake Camp primed with Kleenex, an open hand, and my ‘special hug super power’ that ‘shakes away the homesickness.’ I was ready to run interference for girls making a fast break to the parking lot (hey… it could happen!), and coloring pages were set up in my office available for easy distraction. I’m recognizing now that my recollection of visiting weekend may have been slightly skewed by my own ten-year-old memories of homesickness. Of course some tears, a bit of anxiousness, and the call for ‘one last hug’, accompanied the visiting day goodbyes. Yet within the span of the two hours that followed, they had quickly subsided. Tripp Lake Camp Scavenger Hunt 2018Our three fabulous head counselors, Sam Menzel (JR and AJ groups), Megan Watson (SUB, Inter III, and Inter II age groups), and Kimberly Summerfield (Inter I and SR age groups), had organized a camp-wide scavenger hunt that included finding different objects around camp and obtaining signatures from counselors that met certain qualifications such as, “The one who traveled the farthest to get to TLC” and “The one who has worked in multiple departments.” The energy was high and the laughs were plentiful as the campers raced around with the members of their age group that are on their big team in order to earn points for our end-of-summer Shield.

Tripp Lake Camp Scavenger Hunt 2018 We continue full steam ahead into exciting events, trips, and activities both in and out of camp as we lead into our fifth week. Our 1AB campers are currently sampling different types of maple syrup in Quebec while the Senior Is go biking through Bar Harbor. The Inter Is have just returned from Camden, Maine, and the Inter IIs are getting their PFDs and oars ready for a white water rafting extravaganza. The AJ age group took their mini-golfing talents to Seacoast Adventure Park, and had ice cream treats afterwards. But it’s not even like we have to leave camp for the fun to continue! The Inter IIIs participated in their Big Team Tennis Tournament early this morning, with vibrantly colored visors and tennis skirts to accompany their rackets. The SUBS are in full dress rehearsal mode for their performance of “Robin Hood” in two evenings time. Finally, our youngest campers reveled in their own ‘Special Day’ afternoon, a time just for the Juniors to participate in treasure hunting, blue cupcake decorating, and fishing. Are you sensing the underwater theme?

I’d like to finish up with a quick visiting day anecdote. In the midst of goodbye hugs, a mother made her way over on the way to me near the parking lot. Her daughter, new to camp this year, is having an incredible summer, engaged in activities and constantly smiling. The mother said, “You know, I see the photos everyday on the website. She’s riding horses, she’s doing gymnastics, and her smile is a mile wide. Yet it wasn’t until I stepped onto the grounds that I really understood the genuine happiness she gets out of being here at Tripp Lake. It makes me wish I had known about this place as a girl. I saw the pictures come to life.” Tripp Lake Camp Scavenger Hunt 2018Hearing words like that allows me to look at our campus through you, our visitor’s eyes, and appreciate the role we play in watching your daughter embrace a new activity, attend an event with girls both older and younger, or take on a new opportunity. On behalf of our entire administrative team and camp staff, we hope you enjoyed your visit to Tripp Lake!