June 22, 2018 – TLC Times

By June 22, 2018 TLC Times

Hello! We are so excited to let you know that after a successful preseason at Tripp Lake Camp, camp has truly come alive. Our girls have come home and made their way back to the Promised Land. The enthusiasm is contagious, and the summer is off to a great start!

Tripp Lake Camp Arrival Day 2018As many of you may know, we have added a few new faces to our administrative team this year. One of those is our newest Assistant Director, Stacy Tell. She was excited to pen her thoughts for tonight’s blog post, and we are happy to have her as part of our team.

Welcome home, girls!


The emotions are just as vivid and palpable today as they were that morning in 2002, when a slightly timid, sometimes anxious, and often excited ten-year-old began her Tripp Lake Camp journey. With my sister’s hand in mine, I boarded the bus from Logan International Airport. ‘Thunderation’ boomed in my ears as that Tripp Lake Road sign came into view, and I remember a swirl of blue and white color as I stepped off the bus and took in the smiling faces of my counselors, eager to welcome me inside the ‘TLC bubble.’

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and with that same corner turn onto the road, those familiar feelings washed over me. After a seven-year stretch at Camp Takajo, I have returned to Tripp Lake as an assistant director. Though older, taller, and wiser, the feelings of excitement and pangs of nervousness are ever present as I return to the Promised Land. The familiar comfort of a place I knew well as a girl is intertwined with the inevitably different point of view I now take on as an adult, and that it is why I asked to write the first blog post of the season. It helps me to think about my sister, Lacy, in these moments. I remember feeling envious of her confidence, the way she hopped off that bus and somehow led the way to a bunk she had never set eyes on before. It’s a confidence that took me time to develop. Yet, it did develop, and for me, it started on the Tripp Lake OTW stage.

There is a strong chance that your daughter, whether new or returning, is experiencing these similar emotions as well…Nervous, Confident, Excited, and Curious. These feelings are completely normal. Though goodbyes are hard, please know that she is heading to a supportive and loving environment with counselors eager to get started, and a lake that is waiting to be jumped into at any moment. The administrative team is ready to completely commit ourselves to your daughter in order to provide her with an incredible summer experience.

It is an honor to be the ones that you trust for the care of your daughter during the summer months. Leslie, Nancy, Janet, and the rest of our administration and staff join me when I say, “Happy Opening Day!”

Stacy Tell