Tripp Lake Alumni Come Home

By July 15, 2016 TLC Times

…..Remember the friends you’ve made here, and don’t forget to come back someday….Remember



alunmi 2010 (2)R

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

Camp has always been a place where lifelong friendships are made.  Campers arrive at camp as Juniors and may know only a few girls.  Before long, campers will have made so many new friends it’s hard to count them all and by the time the season ends, the girls will know everyone!

Last weekend TLC was honored by having 3 groups of alumni come back ‘home’ to Tripp.  Each of the groups had planned to come together and reconnect with their Tripp sisters.  Each group 2010, 2013 and 1971 had a great day and were very happy to see that traditions had not changed.  We had two Tiger Captains who in talking found out they were both Tiger Captains; 1971 and 2010!  While there has been upgrades done to some of the buildings and bunks since they were here, the cornerstones of what makes Tripp such a special place are still all in place.  The Teams, the Shields, Friday Evening Service, Sing Song, the songs, bunk bonding, the sports, art shops, the horses, etc. and even cookie line all brought familiarity and comfort to our Alumni that Tripp is still the same special place to make friends, learn new things and be your best self!

…For you girls belong to Tripp Lake and Tripp Lake belongs to you.


alunmi 2013(3)RTiger Captains 71 and 10