What's Happening at Tripp Lake Camp: July 29, 2015

By July 29, 2015 TLC Times

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

George S. Patton, U.S. General

Day 32: Pink, Blue, Yellow & Green

swim meetFour words, people: Little. Team. Swim. Meet. The swim meet to end all swim meets went down at Tripp Lake Camp immediately following Rest Hour and included the Jollies, Laughers, Cheeries, and Smilies. The younger campers were beyond excited to participate in swim relay races, which included the use of PFDs, swimming noodles, and whipped cream.

To attempt to describe the intensity of such an event is a fool’s errand, so I present to you an exclusive TLC Daily Blog video to give you a sneak peek into all the madness that was The Little Team Swim Meet.

Warning: Before you click on the video below, you may want to turn the volume up and buckle yourself in because things are about to get R-O-W-D-Y!