“For You Girls Belong to Tripp Lake…”

By March 1, 2012 TLC Times

In these past few exciting weeks, as we’ve put the finishing touches on our new website, I’ve often thought of a line from one of my favorite Tripp Lake songs: “For you girls belong to Tripp Lake, and Tripp Lake belongs to you.” When you’ve been a Tripp Lake camper you never really leave, and TLC never leaves you. From the moment I stepped on the grounds as a first year camper, Tripp Lake felt like home. I quickly came to understand why Aunt Ruth called it the “Promised Land.”

The memories of team games, cheering at the team trees, Sing Song and plays at Over-The-Wall, milk and cookie line at 11:20am every day, reveille playing to start each camp day, chimes playing to signal the start of another fun activity, and taps playing at night remind us all of how lucky we are to spend our summers together at Tripp Lake. No wonder the camp’s sparkling waters and towering pines have inspired so many talented Tripp Lake campers to write those beautiful camp songs!

The special friendships and the spirit of Tripp Lake bind each of us to the camp and to each other through the generations of Tripp Lakers. As we launch our new website, we are mindful of staying true to the traditions and values that have shaped Tripp Lake Camp since 1911 even as we embrace this new technology that enables us to stay connected – and reconnect – with Tripp Lakers present and past.

I hope you enjoy our new website and I invite you to share your own special memories of your experiences at TLC.