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A A young acress performs in a play at Tripp Lake's Theatre. You won't find a better camp drama program, no matter how hard you look.

Campers love to participate in our Theatre Program in Tripp Lake’s own theatre, “Over the Wall” (OTW). Campers have many opportunities to perform and work in the theatre, onstage and off. Each age group, as well as our staff, puts on a show for the rest of the camp during the summer. There is also a camper talent show and a staff talent show for those who wish to take center stage and perform something special for everyone.

The theatre program caters to the budding actress or the more casual participant, as well as girls who are interested in learning set construction, lights, make-up or costumes.

In many ways, Over the Wall is the emotional heart of camp, and campers and counselors look forward to the special evenings there. OTW is one of the oldest buildings at camp. Like generations of TLCers since the early days of camp, before every performance at OTW, the girls sing camp songs written by campers throughout Tripp Lake’s long history, as well other songs that have been sung during past Sing Songs. The newest campers learn the songs sung through the ages, and develop an understanding of the strong connection of Tripp Lakers past and present to the camp and each other.

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