Tradition since 1911

Two excited campers. Spend your summers at Tripp Lake Camp!

Tripp Lake’s towering pines and sparkling waters provide the ideal setting to foster memories, friendships and values that will last a lifetime. Founded in 1911, Tripp Lake is considered one of the finest girls’ camps in the country.

Our full-season summer camp for girls ages 7 to 16 offers a broad array of team and individual sports, performing and visual arts, and outdoor living. In a fun and stimulating environment, we provide a range of opportunities for girls to challenge themselves, gain confidence and expand their horizons. Everything we do at TLC is imbued with what is known as the Spirit of Tripp Lake - a spirit that fosters camaraderie, enthusiasm, compassion, respect and responsibility.

The dictionary people need to come up with another word that fully describes how awesome this camp is! Thank you for knowing to send me here.

EmilyCamper to her parents

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