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2016 Swim Across the Lake

August 3, 2016 by

IMG_0597Dear Tripp Lake Families,

Early, very early this morning a large groupIMG_0630 of Inter III campers and older headed for the waterfront to participate in the 2016 “swim across the lake”.  This long standing tradition had campers awakening to brave the morning waters and head for the ‘other’ shore about 1/2 mile from Camp. It was exciting to see the faces that looked so sleepy heading to the lake, come alive with big smiles as they jumped in.  These pictures say it all!


It is Truly the People Who Make the Place

July 25, 2016 by

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

I think all of us would agree that having a sense of community is important in many ways.  Community brings people together; it makes people feel they belong to something bigger than themselves.  It allows people to accomplish things that that could not happen without a community. It allows us to be ourselves!

These past few days have shown us a very special TLC community, one in which the parents and grand parents have shared with all of us the magic of the Promised Land.  Thank you for attending our Visiting Day!

Golding Sharf Family Tigers

Dear Community of Tripp Lake Camp,

Thank you for being the driving force in my trans-formative TLC experience and for allowing me to become the person I am. Thank you for picking me up when I’m down, for cheering me on at team games and for greeting me with hugs after every last spelling bee. You all have the power to bring me back to my truest self and purest happiness with a single text in the dead of winter and to make my day with a wave on the sidewalk.

Thank you counselors for being the role models I need and thank you admin for your endless smiles. Thank you juniors for reminding me of where I came from and thank you seniors for being with me every step of the way.

It truly is the people who make the place.

campers in kayaksAll my TLC love,


Girls at the lake




Dear Mom and Dad, Thank-You for the Gift of Tripp Lake

July 19, 2016 by

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

As Visiting Day draws near we’d like to share with you a few important details.  Hilary’s reading during our Friday Evening Service sums up the sentiments of our campers and below you will find a few reminders to make the most of our Visiting Day!

IMG_3805Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for the gift that forever will impact me. Without you guys I would have never been able to grow into myself or become the confident person I am today. By you guys providing me with Tripp Lake, I have been provided with a place and group of people who will never judge or think twice when I try to sing or play any sport. I am grateful for the gift that I am able to carry with me wherever or whenever. It might have been hard seeing me walk through the gates at O’Hare each year, but when you were there to meet me two months later, I was changed for the better.

All my TLC love,


Dear Visiting Day Parents,

We look forward to your upcoming visit!  Our visiting days are Friday, July 22nd and Saturday, July 23rd.  The day will begin at 9:00AM and end at 5:00PM.   We will serve a special luncheon in honor of the occasion.

For your convenience, for driving directions to camp via your GPS use 132 Tripp Lake Camp Road, Poland, Maine.

A few special notes…

VISITOR INFORMATION:  If you are interested in information about things to do in Portland, you can call the VISITORS INFORMATION CENTER at 207-772-5800.  They will be happy to send you a guide of accommodations, attractions, and restaurants in the Portland area.  You may also visit their web site at or for more general information about Maine visit

TREATS:  We appeal to your sense of  “fair play” and ask that you please be reasonable with the candy and other treats you bring to camp on visiting day.  Keep in mind that whatever you bring is multiplied by five or six others in the bunk.  Your daughter will be told in advance that we will let her keep only a very small portion of the snacks to share with all her bunkmates for that evening.  The biggest concern we have about the food brought into camp on visiting day is for campers and counselors who have severe allergic reactions to certain food products. When preparing for visiting day we request that you do not bring products that include peanuts, sesame and tree nuts.  We will collect the left-over food after parents’ visiting day and donate it to a local food bank.  Please help us eliminate the disappointment when the food is collected.  We hope that you will reinforce the importance of following rules.

BUNK GIFTS AND CLOTHING:  Please do not bring bunk gifts or bunk clothing for the campers in your daughter’s bunk.  The resulting competition can cause unhappiness and resentment.  This kind of competition is absolutely not in keeping with the values, spirit and traditions of Tripp Lake Camp.  Gifts will be donated to a local charity.

PROJECT PINK:  We will be selling pink TLC pins for $20.00 that have been generously donated.  All proceeds will benefit The Tutu Project.  We hope you will support this worthy project to benefit breast cancer patients that do not have medical insurance.

“Dunk you kicks” for the MAX CURE FOUNDATION: Don’t throw away your old sneakers!  Bring them to Visiting Day and donate them to a worthy cause!  Help us fill up a canoe by “Dunking Your Kicks” at Tripp Lake Camp in support of children with cancer.

SAYING GOODBYE:  Please help us at the end of visiting day and say goodbye to your daughter at the Team Trees not at her bunk.  Nancy, Janet, the entire staff and I will be at the Team Trees to help with the transition after you leave camp.

GRANDPARENTS:  We appreciate our parents informing visiting grandparents of our policies before their visit.IMG_3918

We want visiting day to be special because of the quality time you and your daughter will spend together.  Please help us maintain the high standards for which we strive in everything we do.  Please  don’t  hesitate  to call if we can be of any assistance in helping you plan your trip.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Tripp Lake Forever More

July 16, 2016 by

Best Friends Since We Were 10…Tripp Lake Sisters Forever

BFF 1971

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

We couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful story!

I’m a legacy girl. Yep, my grandmother, Helen Levy Fluegelman started camp around 1920 and was Climber Captain. (See photo and look for two girls sitting and facing each other, one is Helen and the other is her sister.)  Then, my mom, Joan Fluegelman Wexler went to camp from 1942-48 and was Cub Captain.   (I am holding her shield in the lodge.)

I attended TLC from 1965-1971 and was Giant Song Leader and then Tiger Captain. Those are just the dates and facts. The rest is memory and what has stuck with me, over all of these years.  (I am in the Team photo on the far left dressed as a Tiger.)

I’m still best friends with Margie Robinson Williams, (see photo above taken last week at Tripp). We met at camp when we were 10 years old and we just visited camp together a week ago. It was such an amazing day. We got to meet so many girls, and they all wanted to know, “Has camp changed? Is this the way it was when you were here?” Girls greeted us everywhere: in the Silver shop, at a Tigers’ song practice (we were cheered!), at cookie line (Sugar), and we were invited to see the beginnings of the Team Feast backdrops (our lips are sealed).

Everywhere we went, everyone was smiling, hugging, giggling, hanging out together, and it made me instantly remember what it felt like to BE at camp. I can remember laughing about dozens of different things every day. I can remember riding/swimming/practicing for Sing Song/playing tennis and doing it all with friends, all day long. I can remember hanging out in our bunks and wrapping our hair in orange juice cans with Dippity-Do. I can remember listening to Carol King (Tapestry) and James Taylor (You’ve Got a Friend) in Kitty Car, the summer they came out, and singing along at the tops of our lungs. I can remember all of the personal and oh-so-important stories that I shared with girls who knew so much about me, and about whom I knew so much.

And, in the beginning of each summer, didn’t summer seem endless?

In all of the years since, I have known how much camp has meant to me. But, it wasn’t until I went back to camp that it all came flooding back and I could place so many wonderful memories. “For you girls belong to Tripp Lake and Tripp Lake belongs to you.” I really do know the meaning of this song.   Laurie Wexler Stolowitz

Sepia photo 1925

Teams 1971Laurie and mom shield


Tripp Lake Alumni Come Home

July 15, 2016 by

…..Remember the friends you’ve made here, and don’t forget to come back someday….Remember



alunmi 2010 (2)R

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

Camp has always been a place where lifelong friendships are made.  Campers arrive at camp as Juniors and may know only a few girls.  Before long, campers will have made so many new friends it’s hard to count them all and by the time the season ends, the girls will know everyone!

Last weekend TLC was honored by having 3 groups of alumni come back ‘home’ to Tripp.  Each of the groups had planned to come together and reconnect with their Tripp sisters.  Each group 2010, 2013 and 1971 had a great day and were very happy to see that traditions had not changed.  We had two Tiger Captains who in talking found out they were both Tiger Captains; 1971 and 2010!  While there has been upgrades done to some of the buildings and bunks since they were here, the cornerstones of what makes Tripp such a special place are still all in place.  The Teams, the Shields, Friday Evening Service, Sing Song, the songs, bunk bonding, the sports, art shops, the horses, etc. and even cookie line all brought familiarity and comfort to our Alumni that Tripp is still the same special place to make friends, learn new things and be your best self!

…For you girls belong to Tripp Lake and Tripp Lake belongs to you.


alunmi 2013(3)RTiger Captains 71 and 10



We Are A Family……Thanks Mom and Dad

July 11, 2016 by

“Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.  Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.” Unknown


Dear Tripp Lake Families,

A long standing tradition at Tripp is brother and sister days.  No one can remember a time when we didn’t have this special day.  When we see siblings running towards each other and hugging like they haven’t seen each other in months (it was just last week), it brings a smile to our face and a warmth to our hearts.  To see them sitting and talking, listening to each other, laughing, sharing stories…these are the moments that make memories and will last a life time.  Thank you Mom and Dad!








We All Leave a Legacy at Tripp Lake

July 8, 2016 by


IMG_1966                                                                  IMG_2089                                                    IMG_2054

I am convinced that the greatest legacy we can leave our children are happy memories…..~ Og Mandino

I want to begin by thanking Leslie and the entire TLC Administration for asking me to speak at this service.   As many of you know, returning to Tripp as a Counselor has been a dream of mine for several years.  And although I always knew I would have many Friday evening services ahead of me, I never imagined I would be given the honor of speaking to the camp, so thank you all so much.

My biggest fear when I left Tripp Lake in 2013 was that I would not leave a legacy, that no one would remember me and all of the hilarious and happy things that I did while I was here.  But who am I? Well, I’m the basketball counselor for starters.  I’m a former camper; I’m a ‘Levy”, well not the Levy that was Climber Captain in 2012 or the one who created charge to Narnia or the one who won the Spirit of Tripp Lake.  I am the other one. I wasn’t a captain.  I wasn’t a sing song leader.  I wasn’t a white cap.  I never won Spirit of Tripp Lake or had a main part on the OTW stage, or even bunked hopped all the way to 1AB.  I never received any of these official recognitions, yet it is HERE that I have had some of my fondest memories and made my best friends.  And that is because I am important to camp. That’s not to say our captains and sing song leaders and white camp are not important members of our community too.  They certainly are.  But how would those sing song leaders win sing song without a whole team of singers in front of them or captains get amazing backdrops without the diligent work of their managers? The white caps need the motivation of those cheerers in the dining hall who celebrate every stroke passed.  At Tripp Lake, everyone has a role.  Everyone is important here.

Never have I felt more important in my life than at Tripp Lake and I am so thankful for that. Tripp Lake needed ME, just as it needs each of YOU, to pass to a teammate in soccer, to remember old camp songs in OTW, to cheer in the dining hall, to make sure the famous TLC hug never goes out of style.  Tripp Lake needs each of us to welcome out new campers and to celebrate the old ones.  To write songs, race boats, climb rocks; to miss the bull’s eye in archery but hit the target.  This list is endless.  You all have been given such a great yet wonderful responsibility from Tripp Lake.  And that is to recognize how important you are in making the Tripp Lake experience so unique.

And by being here, you gain the confidence to realize how important you are out there.  Somedays out in the ‘real world’, when you’re working really hard in school or you’re struggling with a big problem, you can forget what role you play in the communities you are a part of, whether those are your classrooms, sports teams or even families.  But here, everyone plays a part, from ensemble on the OTW stage to the team captains.  Now will everyone wearing white, or blue or white and blue shorts please stand up. (Everyone stands.) You are all important.  You will ALL leave a legacy.  Each of you will help make this summer unlike any summer that has every happened in the past and any that will happen in the future. And that is truly what makes Tripp Lake special.  Thank you.


How Are We Old Enough for This?

July 1, 2016 by

Fri 7.1.2016


Dear Tripp Lake Families,

Today as we participated in Friday Evening Services, a time to reflect on the week, our friendships, and our lives, seven Seniors gave us something from their hearts we wanted to share with all of you.  Today will be the first of seven blogs.  We know you will enjoy these as much as we did today. Happy 4th of July weekend!

How are we old enough for this?

How am I old enough to be in 1AB?

Ever since I was 9 years old as a JR1 in 18A, I always looked up to the older campers as the leaders of camp.  As I worked my way up the bunk circle, I realized how much of an impact camp has had on me and how it has shaped me into the person I am today.  Now, sitting in a bunk circle during cookouts, wearing 1AB clothing around camp, and living with my 18 best friends it has finally hit me that this is my last summer in the Promised Land.  After spending 9 incredible summers here, it saddens me to ask myself, “How am I old enough for this?”

As we stand here today looking our at all of you, we’re still wondering how we’re old enough for this.

Caroline Nevin

TLC 1AB 2016

Captains Announce the Big Teams!!!!

June 28, 2016 by


Dear Tripp Lake Families,

A long standing tradition at Tripp, for as long as anyone can remember, is the announcement by the Team Captains of the Big Teams for Summer 2016.  Every camper at TLC is a team member on one of four teams.  These teams bring together girls of all ages under one of four banners.  Katie is the Captain of the Climbers whose team colors are red and blue.  Caroline is the Captain of the Cubs and their colors are red and white.  The Giants have Caleigh as the Captain of the blue and whites.  And the Tigers whose colors are black and orange have Maxine as their Captain.  Each team will enjoy the spirit of Tripp in playing land sports, water sports, swimming and of course let’s not forget ‘SIMG_2755ing Song’!  Rehearsals for Sing Song begin the next few days and the girls are already preparing their ideas for songs and music.  Each team will select one song in the following categories: team, spiritual, spirit, folk and a camp song.

IMG_2757At Tripp there is fun for every age!  The JRs, AJs and Subs are looking forward to the announcement of Little Teams.  Stay tuned!!!IMG_2744

It’s Definitely Summer!!!

June 27, 2016 by

Girls at the lake

Dear Tripp Lake Families,

You know it’s summer at Tripp when the girls are at the lake, the softball games are on and the friendships abound!   And did you notice those smiles?!  The girls are doing wonderfully, enjoying the activities while learning new skills.  One of the best parts at Tripp is learning while having fun. Why can’t school be this much fun?Soft BallIMG_5606

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