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June 29, 2017 by

Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, MaineThursday was the day for the years-long tradition of the Juniors trip to strawberry picking at Chipman Farms! The morning was cool and overcast but that did not dampen the spirits of the Junior IIs and their counselors.

During their trip there were many “strawberry superstars” – those juniors who stacked their quart boxes the highest. Giggles broke out through the field as the girls picked the “butt berries” – those strawberries which were bigger than others. Some girls came back to the bus with shirts covered with pink tie-dyed-like patterns.

The goal of the trip is to bring back to camp more strawberries than they eat…and indeed they did! It was reported the girls ate one full flat of strawberries but seven more were brought back to camp! These strawberries have a starring role in our 4th of July celebration as decoration in the large flag cake served at lunch.

Thank you, Junior IIs, for all our gathering today!Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine Tripp Lake Camp for Girls, Poland, Maine

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