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Since 1911, Tripp Lake Camp in Poland, Maine has been distinguished for its dynamic programs and longstanding traditions, which offer girls a breadth of experience that is unique in camping. By spending seven weeks together over many summers, girls form a bond that leads to some of their most enduring and cherished friendships.

Enjoy these videos that have been created for parents of first-time campers between seven and nine years old. Please explore our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to learn more about what Tripp Lake Camp can offer your daughter!

Why Tripp Lake Camp in Maine?

Why Tripp Lake Camp in Maine? (7:02)

Going to sleep-away camp in Maine is a wonderfully unique experience and an important decision that spans many summers. It is essential to find a camp with a well-rounded program and a nurturing, well-trained staff to help your daughter grow and try new things. Make sure it's a camp with a solid reputation, experienced leadership and unmatched attention to detail.

Bunk Life

Bunk Life (1:42)

Great care goes into making up our bunk groupings. Compatibility, experience and interests are the main considerations when placing girls together. Having all our bunks arranged in a circle creates a sense of unity, community and sisterhood and allows for natural interactions among older and younger campers.

Director Leslie Konigsberg Levy - Profile

Director Leslie Konigsberg Levy - Profile (1:55)

Leslie is a former Tripp Lake camper and counselor. As a mother of two, Leslie understands children and makes every camper feel that Tripp Lake Camp is her "home away from home." After graduating from Lehigh University, Leslie earned her master's degree in social work from Washington University and served as a clinical social worker for many years at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. As director of TLC since 2000, Leslie's leadership, experience and knowledge of camp have helped her carry on TLC's time-honored traditions while adding innovative programs that connect with today's girls.

Free Period

Free Period (1:34)

In a world of specialization, Tripp Lake Camp offers a wide range of activities and a structured program. By giving a camper a free period each day when she can choose what she wants to do, a girl has an opportunity to focus on a specialty -- or simply have fun trying something new or pursuing an interest she enjoys.

Camp Spirit

Camp Spirit (1:23)

Spirit and camaraderie bring campers together in a shared experience. Cheering is a way to express excitement whether in team games, at the theater, or in the dining hall.

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