From Our Campers...

"Hi Leslie! I’m going to start off with saying that of course I will be attending the reunion and would not miss it for the world. What I’m about to say may be a bit delayed, but I figured it’s better late than never. This past summer has been the best of my entire life thus far, and better than anything I have yet to experience. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. People think that summer camp is about spirit and sports and hanging out with friends, but when you go to Tripp Lake it is truly so much more than that. I constantly find myself talking to my parents about how I would not be the person I am today without Tripp. It sounds like a cliché to say that camp has changed me forever, but it really has. When I came to Tripp, I had no idea what I was in for. I wasn’t the most outgoing kid, and I wasn’t the shyest either. I generally spoke what was on my mind, was not always spirited, and was not always considerate to others. But Tripp has changed that, and as a Senior II, I found myself looking at camp through completely new eyes. The values that you and the rest of the administration and staff instill in us are ones that will always make me different from my friends, and different than the average kid. I can say on behalf of my group, that because of camp, we have manners. We have values, we have competitiveness, we have determination, and, most importantly, we have love. Tripp Lake has taught me how to love more than anything else. I wish that I could point out what specifically made my summer as amazing as it was, but the list would be simply too long. So to sum it all up, thank you for everything. Tripp Lake is more than a summer camp; it is my home."

Hannah, Camper

"Dear Leslie, I have tried to bring myself to write this letter everyday since we’ve been home. I finally think today is an appropriate time to attempt to write it because it is the day before school starts; the day before my summer comes to a complete close."

"Leslie, I just need to thank you for the most incredible eight summers of my life. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times and I know that you have experienced the promised land as a camper first hand so you know how I feel, but Tripp Lake has truly changed me. Everything is perfect about Tripp. The staff, the tradition, the activities, the beautiful and iconic view of the lake, the spirit, the love, the happiness and, of course, the friends. Its incredible how this tiny piece of land in Poland, Maine can bond girls in ways they never have before. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Tripp. The way I feel when I am sitting under the trees, singing in OTW, laughing in the bunk with my best friends by my side is indescribable. I feel so safe, calm and carefree at camp. Somehow Tripp allows everyone to feel their specialist and be their happiest. It’s hard to imagine not having this constant escape. I realize how lucky I am to have had Tripp and that all good things come to an end, that’s what makes camp so special, but never being able to go back to camp as a camper is so incredibly hard to accept."

"One of the most amazing things, that I just began to comprehend, that makes Tripp so unique are the counselors’ love for the place. It is clear that, whether they are new or old, they enjoy it and take advantage of the escape from the real world just as much as the campers do. Knowing that the counselors are getting just as much out of Tripp as the campers is a very satisfying feeling. It is so refreshing and uncommon to find people who work for reasons other than just the income; they truly wish to be there."

"It’s so hard for me to write this and summarize the gratitude I have towards you for giving me this incredible opportunity. Thank you for keeping an incredible camp running better then ever. I will never let go of Tripp Lake, it is on my mind every second of every day. How could it not be? Doesn’t everyone always think of the place where they desire to be and are happiest? I would do anything for it to be 2004 and to be starting my first summer as a Junior II again. But at the same time I would not change a thing about my Tripp Lake experience. Thanks to Tripp, I have become a stronger, well-rounded, accepting, and grateful person. So thank you so much Leslie, for everything you have ever done for me, my family, and my camp."

Laura, Camper

"I think that much of the confidence I needed to apply to — and succeed at — Brown University came from my year at Tripp. I did things at camp that I had never done before (and probably thought I would never do...like scaling the climbing wall or being a soccer goalie with all those balls whizzing toward me!). My friends at home used to say, 'I can't believe you're going to spend all summer without boys...and wearing a uniform.' But as much as I liked my coeducational experience, being at a uniform girls' camp allowed me to
become — and be — myself."

Dina, Camper

"I never won any awards for athletics — far from it, in fact — but having team spirit was always just as important as being a star at TLC. I'm still in touch with friends I made at camp more than 30 years ago, and as different as we may be and as varied as our lives have become, we all agree that Tripp Lake was a wonderful and critical milestone on our road to adulthood. Indeed, I've written books, produced plays, and lived all over the world, but I'd put Tripp Lake years right at the top of my list of most favorite and meaningful experiences."

Sally, Camper

"I was so excited my first day of camp. My bunkmates came from all over the country. Even though everything seemed unfamiliar, I was amazed by how friendly everyone was. The counselors knew my name right away. The Director and my Advisors were interested in knowing how I felt. Tripp Lake quickly became 'home.' I have found that Tripp Lakers of all ages share a unique enthusiasm for and attachment to their camp."

Karen, Camper

"My big sisters made me feel at home right away and helped teach me the traditions of camp. They came and said goodnight to me every night in my bunk. I can’t wait to be a big sister myself and make someone else feel this way."

Kate, Camper

"The dictionary people need to come up with another word that fully describes how awesome this camp is! Thank you for knowing to send me here."

Emily, Camper

"Giving back to little kids is part of the Tripp Lake Camp Family cycle."

Hailey, Camper

"I found out in December that I was accepted to Dartmouth Early Decision for next year!! I think camp really influenced my college decision; when I visited this fall I stayed with Sam and Annabel and met Kimi for ice cream to talk about the school, and all of them said that Dartmouth reminded them a lot of camp. Throughout the entire college process, my parents constantly reminded me that they wanted me to find a place just like camp. I can't wait next year to return to the Maine/New Hampshire area that I fell in love with 9 years ago, and it comforts me to know that the Tripp Lakers at Dartmouth will be there for me next year. The TLC community stretches far beyond the bounds of Poland, Maine, and for that I am very grateful!"

Sarah, Camper

From Our Parents...

"I want to take a moment to let you know that I couldn't feel more comfortable leaving my daughter in your exceedingly capable hands. Every time we meet a TLC girl, Lindsay points out that they always say, 'Camp is the best place in the world.' That is a tribute to a well run camp and a job well done."

Laurie, Mother of Camper

"Twenty five or so years ago my daughter Amanda attended Tripp lake and now her daughter. This past weekend I experienced the sense of growth, freedom, happiness, confidence and mutual respect between campers. I saw the happiness in my granddaughter’s eyes, her proud sense of belonging, her friends and a camp so well run that can only reflect a true sense of understanding by management. This is her first year and it seemed that it was her 10th. She was made to be a part of a larger family which she now readily fits into. The facilities reflect an investment in a long culture...nothing is in disrepair, all seems new. The activities fit the campers’ desires....We saw young adults moving from activity to activity without being told by counselors. They had the responsibility put on them and they knew what to do. That’s reflective of growth and respect."

"I am not one to write letters like this often. But, this is deserved. I take my hat off (if I wore one) to all responsible for what you have created. Next year Katie’s sister Justine will join her and I am confident that the right decision has been made by her parents to engage them in the Tripp tradition. Camps are not new to us so we do have a basis for comparison. Again, thanks for allowing my granddaughter to grow and be happy."

Ira, Grandfather of Camper

"Hi Leslie. It’s hard to believe how quickly this summer seems to be winding down....My heart aches for this wonderful group of girls who will no doubt be leaving their hearts at TLC....You do it right Leslie!!!"

"Thank you for enabling the girls and us to have made such wonderful memories and develop such incredible friendships. I have told Jenny that after 8 summers of being with these girls, their strong bond has only just begun. I have no doubt that her group of friends will continue to be there for one another through life’s highs and lows."

"Again Leslie, thank you for nurturing and taking care of my little Jenny for these past 8 summers. You, your lessons, your values, the TLC traditions, and the ethics you run your camp with have provided her with something so invaluable. Knowing she was safe in your hands was all of the comfort a mom needs."

Joanne, Mother of Camper

"Hi Leslie. I have been meaning to email you to thank you for an outstanding visiting day! From the wonderfully planned day, to your terrific staff, to the yummy lunch, to all the smiling girls’ faces, my family and I had such an incredible time being there and visiting Emily."

"Also, her bunk counselors Sarah and Becky have been phenomenal. Emily has fallen in love with them and when I met them on visiting day I could see immediately why. They are warm and lovely and have clearly done an outstanding job this summer. We spoke to Emily yesterday morning and I felt compelled to email you when I got off the phone with her and she told me about how incredible her summer has been and how sad she is that it is coming to an end. We weren’t sure she wanted to come home ever! Recently my husband and I received a letter that said, “The dictionary people need to come up with another word that fully describes how awesome this camp is. Thank you for knowing to send me here.” To us that said it all."

"Anyway, thanks again for an excellent weekend and for taking such incredible care of Emily and for providing her with friendships and memories she’ll have forever."

Amy, Mother of Camper

"Alexandra said that the candles on the lake truly represented the Tripp Lake story. They started out far apart, each shining brightly individually, on the water and then they got closer and closer until they were in one tight bunch, together as one light in the end."

"She felt that this represented the girls and the camp as they grew close together over the years. Each camper is an individual but they come together in a group over the years so that the light they give off is bright, cohesive, and beautiful."

Suzanne, Mother of Camper

"Leslie, we can't thank you enough for giving Skylar the best summer ever. Over the course of the past 24 hours (almost) she has not stopped telling us about every aspect of Tripp Lake and why it is the most special camp to exist. She said "camp is like a bubble that you can't understand unless your'e in it." It is exactly the experience we wanted her to have. She tried so many new things that she ended up loving and formed bonds that we know will last a long time. I asked Skylar that if she was able to change 2 things at camp what would they be, and her response was 'Nothing. Its perfect.' Thank you for taking such good care of the girls and their experiences. We are so happy to be part of the TLC family."

"Enjoy the rest of your summer!"

Marcy and David, Parents of Camper

"Hi Leslie. Ira and I want to thank you for orchestrating a most fabulous visiting day. We visited on Saturday and we had such a wonderful time watching Ava and the other campers enjoy camp. We were so impressed with the camaraderie amongst the girls and their enthusiasm for their sports and each other. We were so delighted to see the character building that is stressed at TLC."

"Your staff at all the activities were all professional and the coaching is excellent. Lunch was delicious and your kitchen staff handled the crowd with ease. Thanks to you and your dedicated staff, all ran very smoothly."

"We left Tripp Lake feeling very good that we made the right choice."

Amy and Ira, Parents of Camper

"Dear Leslie, I just wanted to drop you a note as I was thinking of you and TLC as we dropped Kayla off at her first year at Proctor Academy, a boarding school. Watching her enthusiasm and eagerness to engage in life at Proctor made me reflect on the confidence, growth and encouragement she got at Tripp. After their 5 day hiking orientation we got a note from the leader commending Kayla’s energy, sprit and tenaciousness as they encountered challenges and how she really set the tone for the group."

"The exceptional growth award was a true recognition of what we saw too. It also has a special meaning as my grandmother and aunts were there at TLC’s founding."

Alison, Mother of Camper

From Our Staff...

"Tripp is a place where I have built friendships that will last a lifetime and memories I will cherish forever."

"I will always remember the smell of the fresh pine trees and the view from the chairs, looking over the sparkling waters of jade and blue on a clear Tripp morning admiring the beautiful sunrise!!"

Laura, Counselor

"When I first started at Tripp Lake Camp everyone made me feel so welcome! It was like being welcomed into one big family, and working alongside the girls, watching them grow and mature into young adults was amazing! I loved my job and built great, strong friendships with the people who worked alongside me. It was my best summer, yet!"

Harriet, Counselor

"I started at Tripp Lake, looking for a fun summer working with kids. I come back year after year for the life changing experience of watching these girls grow into beautiful, compassionate young women. I wanted to inspire the next generation to be great, but I find myself learning more from them than I could ever hope to teach. Simply, my life is better with a bit of TLC."

Tabi, Counselor

"Having the opportunity to work as a counselor at a summer camp in America has helped me to gain friendships and bonds that you don’t find in many other places. It’s about learning so much more about yourself than the outside world can teach you and developing your personal skills and self-esteem far beyond what you would anywhere else. The reason I’d choose Tripp over any other camp is the atmosphere that is created here and the amazing friendships. And having the opportunity to be out on the lake with the girls every day is just an experience words can’t even describe. It was just amazing to see how the girls grow over the few weeks they are here, the joy and friendships they make, and the love and respect they have for Tripp Lake and each other."

Amanda, Counselor

"Working at TLC has allowed me to meet and work with lots of amazing people. Working at TLC you know that you are going to have a great day, everyday, and there is no where in the world like Tripp and no where in the world that I would rather spend my summer."

Ryan, Counselor

"No matter where I travel in the world, TLC is still home."

Heather, Counselor

"Working at TLC has been an incredible, rewarding and learning experience for me. Being around a diverse group of counselors and helping kids everyday has benefitted me in the outside world."

Rob, Counselor

"After my first summer spent at TLC, I can honestly say I’ve never felt the longing to return to one place in such a way - the people, the place and most of all the wonderful girls who all made TLC such an amazing and rewarding place to be."

Ciara, Counselor

"It’s great to be surrounded by your best friends each summer and feel so much love and affection when you’re away from home. It made me not want to be anywhere else for the summer, so I had to come back as a counselor!"

"There’s no other place I’d rather spend my summers!"

Barrie, Counselor

"Working at Tripp is an experience like nothing else. It is a place to try new things, go on adventures, teach amazing kids, and meet creative and talented people from all over the world. You make bonds with people that are so strong, so quickly, that it’s difficult for anyone outside of TLC to truly understand. But aside from that, Tripp is a place where I have found myself. Every time I have finished a summer at TLC, I have walked away having learned something new about myself. The wonderful, magical people in beautiful Poland, Maine, bring out the best in me and push me to be a better person; and for that I will be forever grateful."

Lynsy, Counselor

"Tripp Lake is a place where innocence prevails, nature remains pristine and an abundance of purity characterizes the deepest friendships one will ever form."

"The experience of my first summer at Tripp Lake was literally one of the most memorable eight weeks of my life. Camp gives all those that attend a chance to discover the true meaning of friendship and happiness, and to appreciate the beauty that lies in the serenity of a world free of cellphones, Facebook and pressures to conform. I loved getting to know the girls in my bunk and seeing the youthfulness that glowed from their smiles, their endless stories to share, their appreciation of true friends and the sheer joy they found at Tripp Lake."

"I love my position as an advisor at camp because it enables me to get close with so many individual young ladies. I realized how special each one of them was, how much time I would spend with them each day and the ability that they all had to make me smile. My days at Tripp never feel empty or boring because magnetic energy radiates throughout the property at all times."

Julia, Counselor

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